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    I like the fact that they don't just have a single main storyline or potential feuds. It feels like a more rounded company/show these days. There's now enough established or breakthrough wrestlers on the roster that almost any two names could be pulled from a hat and a good match be put on.
    Saying that, I stil find myslef FF through alot of the talking, until it gets to Bully Ray and Morgan. These two, IMO, are the best at the moment and Morgan, esp, can take this in new directions.
    The Parks storyline has, against my better judgment, been pretty good.
    If they can keep Hogan's role no larger than it is now, and have Sting only in verrrry specific matched, then the future looks pretty good.

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    I am loving Bully Ray. Anytime he is on TV it is money. After all he does have the greatest calves in the business.

    I like the Morgan storyline as well, but it is a huge pet peeve of mine when someone chews loudly in my ears. The other week there was a segment where he was getting into Hogan's face, and he was going to town on his gum and breathing through his nose. Nothing against the guy but that noise was so awful it bordered humorous.

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    Aces and Eights, Austin Aries, Bully Ray, Daniels and Kazarian, James Storm, Bobby Roode, and Matt Morgan.

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    I like the Aces and 8s storyline at the moment, i know alot of people say it is dragging on but, I hate when storylines just end a few weeks or a month after they srarted. The Aces and 8s have that queery of who the leader is etc. I is shaping up to be a nice long running story which is something lacking in alot of storylines now.
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    Aces & Eights is keeping the intrigue going, but we need more from them...a BIG POP as a reason, a leader!

    Best thing about TNA is that Bobby Roode is awesome as a HEEL champion...similar to a Ric Flair type champ, good wrestler, holding on to his title in any way!

    Keeping titles changing is cool, too! AA has good mic skills and is a great tecnical wrestler, but his Best in the World...really!?

    Jeff Hardy is a boring champion...he is not the same as when he was in the WWE.

    Matt Morgan, the Pissed OFF Giant needs to break out as the ultimate heel...expose and beat down Hogan as the guy he is...wanting control, spot light and probable master mind for the A&E's...

    New talent...Christian York has the look, the skill and mic skills...he needs to be a "NEW" Face that wins and dominates.

    Drop the Chavos, Robbies, EY, stuff...use your core guys to wrestle, talk smack, attack each other and establish feuds that build and last that are not based on titles. Bring in and bring back tag team wrestling, with the likes of the Steiners, Motor City Machine Guns, Haas and Benjamin, Beer Money, Briscos, ...

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    The end.

    Kurt Angle.

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    Austin Aries' heel work is amazing right now. The way he called out Brooke Hogan was great. A Double is just fucking awesome on the mic as a heel.
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    Agreed with Dubs. Austin Aries is just motherfucking amazing. Can't wait to see what jokes he makes about Brooke Hogan, imagine it LOL.


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