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    What is the best part of Impact right now?

    Simple question - What is it about Impact that makes you happy you watched? I don't want to know what's wrong with TNA, or who you think is being held back. I want to know what it is that makes you watch every week.

    For me, I have a few highlights. I love the way Samoa Joe is dominating the TV Title scope. Each match he puts on seems to just build more and more steam behind him.

    Matt Morgan in his current role. On twitter he calls himself a "Pissed off Giant" and I love him playing to that aspect.

    Austin Aries with a mic makes me like him more and more. I love that they are making the Turning Point match a ladder match. I think it will be a great match and adds an extra element so we don't see a BFG repeat.

    But the best part of TNA is that everytime I watch Impact, I am pleased with each match they have. Even with Magnus taking it back to the old school cresent wrench for the DQ this week was a nice touch. I see some quality action in the ring, regardless of finishes and that is what makes me the happiest.

    What is it that pleases your fancy with TNA at the moment?

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