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    Impact 11/1 thoughts

    Just a few random thoughts about the 1 Nov 2012 airing of TNA Impact!

    First, I really thought Parks would make a better showing. I guess they're waiting a bit to have him go crazy again.

    Magnus v Samoa Joe was a decent match with a weak ending.

    I was fully expecting to see more of Garrett and Brisco in the show tonight. Perhaps they're just waiting to get more viewers familiar with them, though I've heard quite a few people putting them with A&8.

    Daniels and Kaz calling out the announcers ... kinda silly, but it does serve to consistently paint them as weak heels. At least they're not changing it up on us from week to week.

    Christian York ... wow. Most impressive debut on Gut Check that I have seen for quite some time. I do suspect that Ion worked hard to put him over though, as there were a number of near-botches. Really sold a lot of the moves. I really liked York's look and think that he could be somebody great.

    ODB v Jesse ... waste of time.

    Robbie E v Jeff Hardy ... again, wow. Honestly I'm not a fan of either wrestler, but the match they put on was easily one of the best of the night. Robbie has never looked to me like a serious contender and frankly I thought his run as a "champion" was a joke. I do think that Hardy carried him for a lot of that match, but he sold Robbie's offense convincingly and no matter how good you are you can't carry dead weight. I was impressed by both of them in what I really thought would be another yawn fest.

    The Aries/Hardy confrontation was decent, and I like the fact that they're putting the Turning Point match as a ladder match.

    The Morgan/Hogan confrontation was also decent, and I really liked how they worked in the robe from the Andre match. Though later, before the match between RVD and Joey Ryan, was there a shot of the referee helping Morgan to untie the neck of the robe?? And where did the robe disappear to after that?

    EASILY the funniest line of the night: "Where pictures were being taken ... videos were being made ... of A.J. Styles getting into an elevator with someone of the opposite sex. Seems to be the new fad if your name is A.J." -- I literally laughed out loud. And so little reaction from the crowd!

    Ryan v RVD was interesting. I like how Ryan is playing up the sleaze factor, and proving "that the X-Division Championship can be X-Rated." Seems like a shot at WWE's PG-rating to an extent. The ending was at least a little different, with Morgan just pulling Ryan out of the way instead of directly attacking RVD (at that point at least).

    The Bully Ray v Devon match ended ... well, exactly how every match against any of the A&8 Crew has so far. I notice that they used to have both the heels and faces coming out against the invaders, now it just seems to be the faces. They finally get around to unmasking one more member of the team, though not someone that a lot of fans are going to be familiar with right off the bat unless they're IWC.

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