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    ...And still no Velvet. TNA lying?

    This is a response from yesterday's post. I am really beginning to wonder if she really signed a new deal or not. This is really not making any sense because if she were to return, why would she leave in the first place? Wouldn't she just say she's taking a break?

    I just checked her Twitter page & she is still accepting Indy bookings. I also just seen some info on a couple of her upcoming events & she is still listed as a "former TNA talent". If she were under contract with TNA, wouldn't TNA be the place to contact if they wanted her to appear at their show? A little curious...

    If she is under contract, they practically own her. They'd assign her to return to the Impact Zone & appear on TV, & they would be the one's regulating her Indy appearances, and I was informed there was a limit to how many for a period of time. Sky for the past month or two has been going to event after event after event with Angel in the NY area each weekend. Why would TNA allow her to appear so very often in that case?

    It's been nearly a month ago that some news report said she's going to return to TNA, & that was days later when an earlier report said she was "100% done" with TNA. However, if she has signed a new deal, wouldn't they announce it publicly? Wouldn't Dixie or somebody say on Twitter or she would be mentioned again on Impact or something? If she means that much to their little show I doubt they would keep it a surprise.

    I highly doubt it's a work like Matt Morgan or Devon. Morgan and Devon weren't going to Indy events, Sky still is. Morgan and Devon publicly teased WWE returns, Sky hasn't. Both of them made surprise returns at BFG. Sky was at NYCC that day & they would have made her cancel that appearance knowing they wanted her to appear in Phoenix, if she really has sold her soul over to TNA again.

    It's no surprise how much TNA has wanted her back & Dixie had been going head over heels to offer her whatever it would take be return, which leads me to believe her release was indeed legitimate. They never removed her bio afterall (they did for a short time but put it back up), but Sky was the one who said she asked for her release & is going on an Indy-spree with her OWN agent/booker. There are a number of reasons why TNA could possibly be lying about signing her and putting her content back up on their website. Impact's ratings have gone south as of late due to the NFL season & they may want an excuse for fans to keep tuning in & ordering their PPVs to keep looking for her. It could also be in defense of the earlier report that she was completely finished with TNA, so fans do not flood Dixie's Twitter inbox with negative feedback. It can also be to try to prevent WWE to not take a look at her when that opportunity arises. This does sound like something that TNA would do & it really seems to pain them to be losing her, but I don't get why.

    Sky will not reveal anything what's next for her after the "reunion tour" with Angel (When is it over afterall?), so TNA has a strong advantage over that & can do whatever & she won't react regardless. Even if she is done with TNA for good, she won't publicly acknowledge it, because that would mean she's setting her sights on the evil empire, as that's the only step up from TNA in the Americas. She's not like Angel where she has a few other mini-careers with much broader speculation.

    She's designed some shirts to sell to fans at her events that she attends, which begs the question of what's the point of doing so if she's returning to TNA who can make shirts for her? Earlier I thought that her "clothing line" was some pitch to WWE so she can increase her chances of getting signed if many fans buy her merchandise, the "Ryder Effect" so to speak. That or distance herself from being a TNA girl & more into an Indy girl to workaround the lawsuit. Afterall, she's 31, has mediocre abilities, & may not get in as easy as Angel can, but WWE has been a dream of hers & has her fanbase to help her with that.

    If you ask me I really hope she does not go back to TNA. It would frustrate us to no end. It's for her & TNA's own good that she does not, unless she has nowhere else to go in her career. Why can't they just book the other women they don't use? Why do they "need" her so badly if they don't seem to need Madison or Rosita? What's left for her to prove there? What is she capable of doing there with Pritchard in charge? Either way, somebody is a rotten liar & it's her or Dixie. I've been asking women on Twitter which should I lose my respect for.

    Watch now every time I write a wall of text explaining something, something else different happens very soon.


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