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    Raw's Reunion! I'm giving this a try. Sorry if I screw up.

    The opening for RAW hits, counting down the most amazing moments in WWE history. Afterward Cody Rhodes music hits an he comes down to the ring. He tells the fans why he is so dashing an then goes on to brag about the legacy of his Father Dusty. Once he's finished he then says he is better, and that if given the opportunity he could further succeed the likes of those in the main event, and become the next young World Champion. He then goes on to diss the current champion, Sheamus, but is then cut off by Chris Jerichos music. Why was he out instead of Sheamus? The fans were in awe, and Cody Rhodes face was lit up with shock as Chris Jericho slowly made his way to the ring with his lips being curled into a smug smirk.

    When Jericho stepped into between the ropes an then into the ring Cody an himself seemed to have a battle of vision as they stared eachother down. Jericho then stole the mic away from Cody, and spoke boldy into it. "What makes you think you are more deserving? You are not the best at what you do. I AM!" Cody not wanting to listen to Jericho throws a wild right at him an gets a lucky jab in. Jericho quickily retaliates an kicks Cody in the gut, thus causing him to fall down on to his knees. Then while Cody is bent over on his knees in the ring Jericho climbs out an goes for a chair. Once he got the chair he crawled back in he spoke into the mic yet again, "I'm that guy who will wear that gold. But you don't seem to understand.. That's why I must beat some sense into you." He throws the microphone to the mat an he raises the chair high above his head. Just as he was getting ready to bring the massive weight of the chair on the back of the bent over Cody an oh so familiar music hits "If ya' smelllllllllllllllllll!" The crowed goes wild an louder than you have ever heard them before. Jericho in a panic back away to the back of the ring with his back leant against the crimson colored ropes, getting ready.

    Out in the speed of light comes The Rock who sped out to the ring in a speedy gonzales like fashion. The Rock then slid into the ring with ease an Jericho tried to bash him over the head only for The Rock to duck an throw Jericho off balance. The Rock then slapped the chair out of Jerichos hands an delivered a Rock Bottom, followed by the peoples elbow, and Jericho then quickily rolls out of the ring then retreats to backstage. Cody wanting his moment in the sun recovered from the gut kick he recieved from Jericho an tried to attack The Rock from behind. The Rock quickily notices an throws Cody over the ropes. Cody with his eyebrows now being narrowed walks slowly up the ramp while eyeing down the peoples champ an then soon there after also backstage. The Rock then picks up the Microphone, "Whoa, whoa, whoa!!! Who's this? What's this?! Oh you bet your ass it is.. THE ROCK HAS COMEBACK TO MONDAY NIGHT RAW!!! An no, no, nooo! This is not a one night only thing. See The Rock has noticed how things have been a bit different since he's left. But no more will you have to deal with ole' rooty poos like those two! I have come to layeth the smackdown on their candy asses!" He drops the mic an his music plays.

    I will type more if you guys like this.
    Hey.. I'm not telling you anything that you don't already know.


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    this would be cool if it really happened but instead of him attackin jericho i wish he would attack cena for tryin to be a cheap immitation of him


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