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    Haha, so get this right?

    *TNA changed back to a 4 sided ring - obviously copying WWE
    *Both companies feature wrestling - but I haven't worked out who's copying who, just yet.
    *Both companies have someone named AJ - TNA is clearly the victim here!
    *Both companies have womens wrestling that nobody gives two hoots about
    *Karen Jarrett was a spectacularly huge and failed rip off of Vickie Guerrero - WWE wins on that one.
    *The Beautiful People vs LayCool - we all know that was a blatant rip off . Now, if anyone could have stayed awake long enough to really care...
    *Zack Ryder vs Robbie E - WWE got there first and did it better!
    *Both companies hired reputable indy talent. WWE - Daniel Bryan Danielson/CM Punk/Kassius Ohno etc TNA - Austin Aries/Doug Williams/Nigel McGuinness - what's up with that??? lol
    *The referee storyline - WWE clearly ripping off TNA by having a ref get involved in a match controversially!!! One was an example of using a guy who was already a developmental wrestler and using him in several storylines with the champion - the other, an example of a guy who's not a wrestler but wants to be and trying to shoehorn him onto the roster by having him involved in a storyline with TNA's 'creative consultant' (or whatever he is) - who also happens to be HIS FATHER!!! Man, it's like the spitting image of the other!!!
    *Both companies have annoying announcers that rattle on endlessly and needlessly.
    *Josh Matthews is nothing but WWE trying to copy Jeremy Borash!

    We could be here all day....
    No TNA's woman's division is relevant and they can actually wrestle.Karen Jarrett/Vickie guerrero makes no sense.

    I've just relised this site is moderated by people who obviously are biased.Big sigh,oh Robster,where do it all go wrong?


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