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    John Cena in a Mixed Doubles match at SS?

    With news coming last night that the main event of Survivor Series will be involving CM Punk + Ryback (WWE Champ. Rivalry), Miz + Kofi Kingston (IC Title Rivalry), Team Hell-No + The Rhode Scholars (Tag Team Champ. Rivalry):

    **This leaves a possibility of a:

    - US Title match.
    - Divas Title match
    - WHC Title Match

    Now with Ziggler not being used and being romantically involved with Guerrero, and Cena and AJ a "supposed" thing, could we see a mixed tag match at SS? Vickie does wrestle periodically, so it's not impossible, and AJ just started wrestling again. I think this would be entertaining, when Cena and Ziggler are in the ring together, they do wonders, and AJ and Vickie are for shits and giggles basically.

    This would be my card for Survivor Series:

    - Team Foley vs. Team Punk (Main Event)
    - Big Show (c) vs. Sheamus (WHC Match) [Co Main-Event]
    - Antonio Cesaro vs. Justin Gabriel (US Title Match) [Really like this little rivalry, w/ Gabriel's high flying vs. Cesaro's strength]
    - Probably...Layla vs. Eve (c) vs. Kaitlyn
    - Cena + AJ vs. Dolph Ziggler + Vickie Guerrero [Co-Main Event]
    ***Shocker: Jack Swagger (Face) vs. Wade Barrett [With Swagger's pro-America gimmick]

    What do you guys think? Let me know!
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    - Former Undisputed BWA Grand Champion
    (w/ Gillz)

    Xavier Hightower:

    - Former RTE Tag Team Champion
    (w/ Kaige Chamberlain)


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