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    What is TNA doing

    I was previously at a live event and it was fun like always. but two things bothered me alot about the show.

    1 was that the whole aces and 8s thing is getting to become the same thing over and over, i think they are trying to be like Sons of Anarchy to much if it isnt obvious. everything is like the award winning show. but honestly i just thing they are dragging it on wayyyyyy to long and its just getting a bit redundant. come out , devon bull shits, shows them in "the clubhouse" drinking deciding who to take out while wes brisco , obviously a part of A8s acts like hes angles friend when hes obviously part of the stupid crew. they should spend way more time on the division that made them who they are the damn X division i dont wanna see devon and the P***ys , i wanna see Zema Ion, Sonjay Dutt, Jesse Sorensen, even Joey ryan's match after the show went off the air was good , i wanna see kenny king, bring Low Ki back, bring amazing red back !

    number 2 is something im sure some fans dont care about, but one thing TNa always did better then The E was their Women's division which is now almost non existent honestly name 5 knockouts ? i can only name maybe 4 gail kim, tess, tara, and odb . what happened to madison rayne , why havent they resigned Velvet,angelina love, where is mickie james, sorita and rosita. all these knockouts that were great characters . i dont wanna see tara and "big Brother" get that off my tv i dint watch big brother originally not gonna watch now .

    and a side note : tna had 2 dark matches but one with Joey Ryan and i cant remember the other kids name but it was a good match wouldnt mind seeing either one on tv more !

    sorry im just venting bout a show i love watching but getting tired of seeing it become worse week by week .. any thoughts guys?
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