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    Quote Originally Posted by Wade Barrett 1979 View Post
    IWC mode: Where grown ass men bitch and moan after every show and PPV and they get bonus points for saying the following:

    1: Calling someone else a Mark
    2: Saying sick of Cena being shoved down our throats
    3: Saying Randy Orton is boring
    4: Saying Punk stole the GTS from Kenta
    5: Saying PG sux
    6: Asking for the Attitude Era back
    7: Blaming everything on Linda McMahon
    8: Saying they will never watch again but still watch and comment on every episode
    9: Saying WWE sux and they love TNA but never actually say anything about TNA just berate WWE every chance they get
    10: Saying TNA will fold in a year
    11: Saying Hulk and Bischoff are ruining TNA, overlooking the fact they are enjoying one of their best ever periods
    12: Create a list of top 5 or 10 of something or other
    13: Calling other people idiots or stupid or saying their top 5/10 sux because they don't agree or how have they left out such and such not realising it's a top 5/10 and not a list of everything in wrestling ever
    14: Undertaker at Wrestlemania

    Well played


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