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    wwe 14: the selling point

    So we are just a few days from the release of wwe 13, and the big selling points of it are the biggest roster ever, revamped universe mode, and the biggest point, the attitude era mode. I got to think about wwe 14 when i read an article saying they were going to start work on it in the next few weeks. The thing though is, what will be the selling point? What is there that they could do to make fans go "that sounds awesome". After the shitty road to wrestlemania mode in wwe 12, they went a diff route with the attitude mode for wwe 13. Obviously they cant...or atleast shouldnt, re-hash that idea for wwe 14. I think bringing back the gm mode but combining it to make 1 mode in the game that pretty much allows you to do everything and anything would be amazing, but asides from that, i cant think of what they could do to out do this years big selling point. Everyone elses thoughts?


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