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    How to set off the IWC?! How about this...

    During the pre-show Cena challenges Dolph Ziggler to a match during HIAC. Just before that match starts Booker T comes out and announces that the match will now be for the MitB briefcase. The match starts and Cena launches immediately into the five moves of doom, beating Ziggler clean in under a minute and claiming the case.

    Later we see Cena talking to Ryback about becoming the tag champions one day soon before Vince interupts them to say to Cena that he's making the MitB case open to either championship, like it used to be.

    Ryback and Punk main event and put on a botch filled, lackluster HiaC match with almost no action outside of the ring. Ryback wins clean. Punk gets up and leaves with Heyman but as they're on the way up the ramp Cena's music hits and he come running to the ring with the MitB case. He gets to the ring where Ryback is waiting for him looking pretty calm, Cena cashes in and the match starts only for Ryback to simply lie down and allow Cena the pin, think "finger poke of doom" without the finger poke. Cena wins and is the new WWE champion.

    (FWIW the next night on RAW Ryback and Cena beat Hell NO! for the tag titles too... cue Scanners head explosions!)

    Divas to believe in.

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