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    WWE declares War

    After thinking this over and hearing EVERYONE in the IWC giving their "insider analysis", I began to wonder. Everyone has been debating this CM Punk vs. Ryback match since they hinted at it with the Mic Foley/CM Punk/Ryback ending to Raw. The constant argument that the only thing Ryback has going for him is his streak, so it shouldn't end just yet. CM Punks reign is bringing prestige back to that ugly ass belt Paul Heyman holds for him and Ryback isn't a big enough name to take it from him (especially with The Rock set to get the belt as the IWC believes). So after rolling around this idea long enough, I want to pose a simple question. What would be the best finish that could piss off the IWC the most?

    To me, I would be in tears if Ryback went into the cell and proceeded to beat Punk in less than 5 minutes. Think Ultimate Warrior beating Honky Tonk Man quick (google it younger crowd!). If Ryback straight SQUASHED Punk in a HIAC match, I think the EWN would explode with Punk fans coming to scream their opinions on just how stupid Vince and Creative have become these days. I don't think this has a positive outcome for the business, other than catapulting Ryback to a position he is obviously NOT ready for, but I personally think this would be one of the funniest "WTF" moments in WWE history.

    So what do you think? What would be the best way for the WWE to get even further under the skin of the IWC's "Elite" bookers? What matches could the WWE put out that would just COMPLETELY piss you off or upset you as a fan? What angle could be ran that would get a more negative reaction than HHH showing his preference for necrophilia? Basically, look at it this way; if the WWE declared an all out war on the Internet Wrestling Community, what do you think they could do to make the IWC members upset the most?

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