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    Lightbulb If WWE brought back a faction would you it rather be the NWO or Nexus.

    I remember Kevin making a joking tweet about bringing back the NWO. I am not so much of a mark that I can't tell that Kevin jokes a lot on twitter. I do however know that Kevin has said in an interview that he really likes the idea of having a managerial role with Punk. I think he also said he would not mind having the big show there. I also see there is supposed to be some 3 disc NWO dvd coming. Just because a dvd is made does not mean something is coming back...but in the past sometimes that is what ended up happening (the rise and fall of ECW).

    We have also seen Wade Barret wrestle against Justin Gabriel and we heard the fans chanting Nexus. There were rumors that the creative time may have been considering bringing the nexus back. I even think we heard Wade kayfabe talk about how he would never want to brink back the corre.

    There has also been some talk about "heyman guys" and how if they go through with making brock help punk out of having another "dangerous alliance".

    I feel out of the options I like the idea of the NWO best. Personally for some reason when I go on youtube I get all nostalgic when I see videos of NWO meeting brock and HHH. Something psychologically clicks inside of me and brings back flash backs of excitement when I see the nwo logo...or when I hear their theme music. I remember how excited I was 10 years ago when Vince turned around in his chair to reveal he was bringing them back to the wwe...and they were doing all the promotional vids with the atomic bomb footage and the wolfpack theme commercials. The angle did not really work out but I will get into why I felt it didn't. I also remember when there were quite a few rumors of the nwo going against dx in 06...they didn't go anywhere.

    With Nexus...They had a lot of steam going in...but all the ended up doing is jobbing to Cena. They could have pushed it to where Wade was a champion...they could do it for Shemus and not Wade? I also remember the idea that either Cena or HHH was going to turn out to be the leader...but they stuck with Wade I'm assuming because he was doing such a good job. WWE should have let Nexus win more matches when they first emerged...I am not some someone who bashes WWE and praises TNA but I really do feel with forturne, Mem, and now aces and 8s they have done better jobs of pushing and developing their stables. All nexus seemed to do was attack hall of famers, outnumber and attack cena, and beat up vince. Breaking up nexus and letting Punk become leader seemed like a good idea. I think it would have been a better idea had they actually let the Corre and Nexus go against one another. I know they are both heel but I would love to see a stable fight a stable...and not have cena beat up everyone. It also would be great having Barret having a prolonged feud with Punk.

    With Dangerous Alliance...after Paul Heyman had an ECW version...and years later "Lou E dangerously" had a version the name means nothing. Very few people who would watch WWE would actually remember and care about that group. WWE seems to not care about that stable @ all.

    I know people will say "wwe tried doing NWO 10 years didn't work". My short response is to simply say "it's different". To go in detail though it was because of who that NWO was and what they were used for. Hogan had to go face @ wrestlemania; he practically made wrestlemania and fans love him. You saw how the fans were booing the rock. For some reason fans really didn't like x matter what he did. I don't really get why but it was what it was. Scott Hall has many serious problems. I don't think wwe should ever call him back. I find it a shame Kevin wanted a clique reunion and Scott couldn't even keep his job long enough to be there one Shawn Michaels came back. Having Ric put booker T in was just stupid. NWO and Ric never liked one another in wwe or wcw. Booker t always rejected offers to join the nwo so it made little sense. The main 2 enemies the NWO had were Austin and Rock. Austin that kind of screwed that angle up. When Hogan left NWO there was no real main eventer there. The final nail in the coffin was a build up of a HHH/NWO angle and Kevin getting injured. Shawn and HHH imo were kinda too...idk dx to really fit in the NWO. A HHH vs Nash angle was planned...but without kevin I guess there is no NWO.

    Kevin now says he wants a ric flair mentor managerial role. He has already done that for Natural born thrillers and he kind of played a role like that for world elite and Eric Young. It don't matter how much Nash can't wrestle or how injured he is when he is not even wrestling. I feel any group with nash in it can be nwo. We saw jeff brett and the outsiders be nwo..why not have one that has 2 original nwo members again in show and Nash. What good is big show really being used for now anyways. CM punk seems to take no pride in his nwo days anyway. Even the name "new world order" seems to fit with the "change" punks speaks on. I don't think that the existence of an NWO rules out the existence of a Nexus. WWE could easily just have NWO as a raw stable and Nexus as a smackdown one. There could even be a Barret vs Punk rilvalry based upon the interactions they had last year. A lot of former nexus members still work for WWE.

    what do you think?

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    I would want to see at least 2 or more big factions feud again like Nation of Domination vs Hart Foundation vs DX, that was fun to watch

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    dangerous alliance ftw it's the only one that i can see working this year.
    Damn I need a better catchphrase

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    Mentioning Nexus in the same breath as the nWo or even the Dangerous Alliance is a bit of a joke. The nWo changed the landscape of wrestling - Nexus feuded with Cena. Woop de doo.

    As a rule, gimmicks should never be brought back. It screams A)we have no ideas and B)we're living in the past.

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    I'd like to see Nexus come back later down the line, in about 5 years time or whatever.

    I'd like to see a Heyman led stable though.

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    A stable called Heyman Hustle!! Book it Vinnypoo!!

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    None of the above.

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    None. I'd rather see an original stable for the immediate future.

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    Id rather see Heyman lead a stable, but if a stable had to be brought back, I'd want Evolution.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Destruction View Post
    None. I'd rather see an original stable for the immediate future.

    be careful what you wish for........cough cough 3MB

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