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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter Kaymakcian View Post
    He's gonna lose. People are overreacting to a couple of losses for no reason. He's "retired" Y2J, beaten two former World champs, and beaten a man two weeks before that man won the Intercontinental Championship.
    This is no overreacting, although calling him a jobber is. A more proper name would be a jobber to the stars, but a couple of losses?
    There's a difference between losing a match to a couple of guys to set up future WHC matches and losing over and over.
    Sheamus was brogue kicking him left and right for a long period. Then the Orton program, which was fine for setting up a future WHC match and then Jericho, which most people seem to find important.
    But WWE hasn't really done a good job of keeping him strong, especially the after NOC.

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