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    Now pay attention 007!

    With Skyfall's UK wide release earlier today (no, yesterday now), and it seemingly getting alot of praise; why not have a Bond-centric thread?

    First I think some main points to cover is:

    • Favourite Bond actor?
    • Favourite Bond film?
    • Favourite Bond theme?

    Then, you know, fill with your wonderful Bond stufffffff! Baddies, gadgets, girls, etc, etc.

    I know I kinda struggle with these ones. Obviously best Bond: Sean Connery, dude is(was) essentially King of fucking Scotland, (before he decided to not live here anymore ). Timothy Dalton is probably my second choice, he's amazingly underated, and just because he only got 2 films he's frequently overlooked. I think Dalton was the "new", Daniel Craig Bond, before Daniel Craig brought the "new gritty Bond". In Living Daylights he had, what not many Bonds' have had - a true friendship with another male character, with true compassion when he was murdered. Then, in License to Kill, he goes fucking rogue.

    I think for what I mentioned above, I'd put Living Daylights up as one my favourite Bond films, along with Goldfinger, and Thunderball. Casino Royale would be up there, but I just don't dig on Daniel Craig that much. He's good, good actor, but I don't know, it's, like, his smugness onscreen, and off.

    Bond theme, there's a couple, but again, I'm going with Living Daylights by A-ha. Just love this tune!

    Then maybe:

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    Favourite Bond would be Moore, mainly because he was the Bond of the 80's when I was growing up.

    Favourite film is probably The Spy Who Loved Me.

    Favourite theme is Live and Let Die.

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    Not many people like a bit of Jimmy Bond then. "Shocking, Positively shocking."

    Two other favourite songs.

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    Bond:Between Timothy Dalton and Roger Moore
    Film:The Spy Who Loved Me
    Theme: Aha: The Living Daylights

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    Sean Connery is a wife-beater, so my vote will have to go to Craig. He's made Bond his own thing, but it's never felt like it has betrayed the character in any way. Just added dimension and texture, which was well-needed after Brosnan's rather one-dimensional run in the tux.

    Can't wait for Skyfall. I was fulling expecting another Quantum of Solace ( but the reception has been nothing short of stunning. This just might be an opening weekender for me, and I usually try to avoid the theaters whenever possible.

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    Film: Casino Royale (GoldenEye and From Russia with love is great too)
    Bond: Connery (although Craig is pretty amazing)
    Song: I haven't got a clue...

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    Favourite Bond: Pierce Brosnan.

    Favourite film: Tomorrow Never Dies.

    Favourite theme: Live and Let Die.

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    77 million already for Skyfall


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