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    who were some bad wrestlers you liked anyways?

    By bad I mean they were not talented inside the ring aka not good workers. Some of mine are Lex Lugar, Sid Vicious, Goldberg, and Ultimate Warrior at one time. None of them were good hands and I liked them anyways.

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    I suppose you have to stick Hogan in that list. Andre the Giant also.

    R.I.P. Guys

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    Heeltista I liked. Even more than sucktista
    I'd rather have nothing than have a lie.

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    I actually thought Sid was pretty good, both in the ring and cutting (heel) promos. He had a limited moveset I guess, but was still agile and versatile for his size. My jaw dropped when I first saw him kip up to his feet.

    I've always hated Hogan, but was a big mark for Ultimate Warrior. He gets criticised a lot and people say he couldn't wrestle, but his Wrestlemania 7 match with Macho Man was a classic.

    I really liked Weylon Mercy, Bastion Booger and Norman Smiley too.

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    I'll throw Kevin Nash and Big Boss Man in there
    If I can be serious for a minute..

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    Akeem The African Dream
    King-Kong Bundy

    R.I.P. Guys

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    Santino, John Cena, Triple H.

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    Brooklyn Brawler, The Missing Link, Magnum TA, Paul Roma, Tom "Z-Man” Zenk

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    The Godfather
    "Well, well, well! It is I the quintessential studmuffin Joel 'Just like the Rubix Cube, the more you play with it, the harder it gets' Gertner"

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    Quote Originally Posted by crazyj11 View Post
    The Godfather
    Ho Train. FTW
    I'd rather have nothing than have a lie.


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