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    Quote Originally Posted by Robstar View Post
    What gets me is that you put Vickie in the same position AJ was in and all of a sudden, it's like WWE have committed some terrible offense! Vickie has about 10 times the charisma of AJ and believe me, that's not just good ol' Robstar pumping up Vicks and slammin' AJ (aha) as usual - I say that because I believe it to be true. AJ's all fine and good but she's no more talented in any area than Layla. The people who openly oppose this story arc should come out and say what they truly think - that they would much rather the conventionally attractive AJ on TV and doing the GM "job" because she's easy on the eye - despite the fact that there's nowhere really left to run with her there. you know, are you even aware how stupid so many of you sound when struck dumb by some tits and ass? Seriously, it's something that's become apparent to me on here, you're talking to someone who seems to be pretty bright and switched on and all of a sudden they're like..."aaaaahhh deerrp, duh. Pwetty!" Fuck. Me. Dead. lol You swap any example of something Vickie is involved in and put AJ in there and half you virgins would be falling over your porno collections to give kudos to AJ where you would criticize Vickie. Meanwhile, when this past week people were saying "this again?" about Vickie as 'interim assistant to the GM of making cups of decaf' or whatever, I bet the reaction would be markedly different if they put AJ in the job again. Because it's different then, right?

    And why? Because she doesn't have a head like a smashed crab. (yeah I said it) Talk about shallow fellas.

    This is good for AJ. The stupid GM thing is done and dusted and look! She gets thrown straight into a storyline with two of the top 5 personalities in WWE - Cena and Vickie! Throw in a few cameos from Vinny Mac and I'd say she's not doing too bad.

    But overall, I think the angle is slightly farcical. "Oh we just had dinner together!" What a crock. Fucking soapie writers

    And that's my 55 cents

    Sorry to bring up old convos but people wanted AJ to still be GM? i mean i didnt mind her as gm i admit but i rather her wrestle cause i think she is a good wrestler (and im not saying shes a good wrestler or gm cause i admit i do have a little crush on her but its not why i think she is good i have saw her in the indies etc) i see where you are coming from though some would rather have AJ then Vickie cause she is better looking...but im not like that i admit if she is not the best at something or if someone is better then her etc...i never really got why she was GM anyway was it just to surprise us? or to just piss off Daniel Bryan at the time?...anyway i hope she wrestles soon.


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