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    I'm almost scared to post after Robstar's comments! but...

    After the #AJALL situation not so long ago it seems very awkward that WWE are running and angle where they suggest "fraternising" with superstars is wrong. Both Aj and Vickie have had their fingers in many pies (or been the pie? I'm not sure ) as part of story lines and it wasn't that long ago that Cena was caught snogging Eve, his friend's girl at the time. Yet now we're meant to believe this is a bad thing? Is this the real reason why Kelly Kelly left?

    In all seriousness there are 3, possibly 4 good things to come out of this: 1) AJ can return to the ring, she's good and the divas need quantity as well as quality at the moment. 2) Vickie is back where she belongs in a position of real (kayfabe) power. 3) With Vickie as Supervising Manager of Raw (SMoR) Dolph Ziggler will have to do more talking for himself. Possible face turn? (maybe) 4) Assuming it's built to for the next PPV and not forced into the HiaC pre show a feud between Cena and Ziggler could be entertaining Ziggles selling the five moves of doom would be pop* wrestling at it's finest.

    *pop meaning pop like the music not pop like a crowd reaction.

    Divas to believe in.


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