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    Forget it. If it wasn't their invention, the WWE acts like it's radioactive and dipped in snot. Even if it IS a great idea, e.g. War Games.

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    Bring back Summerfest

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nexus n' Eights View Post
    Bring Back Taboo Tuesday
    No Taboo Tuesday sucks,i want Cyber Sunday

    What Arsenal fans think about RVP moving to UTD:
    Quote Originally Posted by akbar View Post
    There is a difference between playing shit and being shit. You said I think RVP is shit, where I'm saying he'll play shit... His ability will still be there but it just won't have a bug effect on UTD.
    Oh akbar....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sicksnuff17 View Post
    HALLOWEEN HAVOC .. I know WCW had some bad ideas but this wasn't one of them , Im a huge fan of halloween and would like to see WWE version of this PPV. Too many PPV's in a year they can cut 1 like Over the Limit and move Hell in a Cell or change the HIAC name and still have a hell in a cell match at Halloween Havoc ..

    Thoughts / Opinions ?
    Thoughts and we go! HOO HA! I don't think it should come back. WCW closed for a reason. It owuld be like brining back Starrcarde, there isn't a point! This reminds me of people saying "Bring back attitude, we miss atititude" it's those people who suck

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vondraco View Post
    HITC? What's that? Never heard of it.
    Hell In The Cell

    It's what Vince kept calling HiaC
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    Don't really want to see it back. I'd rather they bring back one of their own ppv's like Vengeance, No Mercy, Armageddon, Judgment Day etc.

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