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    Quote Originally Posted by Krysys View Post
    1. HHH already runs a show, it's called NXT and it's pretty damn good.

    2. Get over the Attitude Era shit. It was not everything the fans make it out to be. The rating of the show does not matter, it's the creativity. You could make a G rated show successful with the right storylines and matches.

    3. Another show is NOT I repeat NOT needed
    agreed, getting over only required swearing, every match had some gimmick or interference and the stories were way to ridiculous
    it was basically jerry springer

    however, the wwe has a LOT of guys, talented ones that aren't getting enough tv time, by logic a third brand could work to some dgree, the halfway point between the NXT and RAW/SMACKDOWN, help guys transition better, kinday like WWECW did


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