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    What if the Rock turns on us?..

    So i'll cut to the chase.

    Ryback Vs Punk in the cell, ryback is about to pin punk when...ROCK appears! looks as if hes going to attack punk in revenge for 1000th raw when suddenly...hits ryback over the head, the rock bottoms him leading to a punk victory.

    next night he says how he's now aligning with him and how he's turned a new light. Continues to be heelish under Heyman and Punk leading to a tag match at survivor series between Cena/Ryback-Rock/Punk,

    Cena wins a beat the clock contest for number 1 contendership at TLC (wins the belt to set up Rock vs Cena 2 at the rumble)

    Ryback is a late entrant into the rumble and wins,this would then lead to Rock winning title until Mania to face the opponent of RYBACK. Also setting up a grudge match for mania between punk and cena!

    This would be the greatest swerve in my recent memory

    What are your opinions and thoughts? please don't rip into my ideas to much! enjoy!

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    Great thought, it would be a major shock in WWE. But I see Cena turning heel before Rock does. Rock is a part time wrestler so I don't see him turning heel. Even though WWE won't turn Cena heel it would be nice if Cena turned on Ryback letting Punk win the match.

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    This wouldn't work because the WWE Universe wouldn't boo the Rock and instead would boo Ryback. Anyone who goes up against the Rock will be booed by the WWE Universe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter Kaymakcian View Post
    This wouldn't work because the fans wouldn't boo the Rock and instead would boo Ryback. Anyone who goes up against the Rock will be booed by the fans.
    Fixed that for ya.

    You're welcome!!

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    its a great idea, but you dont have to turn rock heel,

    let rock turn on ryback, cut a promo that he has beef with punk and he wants to face him at royal rumble for the title,
    than he goes away for a while (part time contract)
    punk wants to proof he is the best in the world, set up a rematch against ryback for the next ppv,
    paul heyman becomes GM and pulls the match of the card to protect punk

    in this way, ryback doest look weak because rock set him up, punk looks like a strong champion and heyman is the perfect bad guy,

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    If Rock turned heel I still wouldn't like him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CM_SUXX_NOT View Post
    Fixed that for ya.
    Are you that fickle? lol

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    Rock will not turn his back that is if VInce pays him more or tells him when.

    I get that Big E Langston dropped the NXT CHAMPIONSHIP Bo Dallas out of all people? WTF!

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    "What if the Rock turns on us?"

    :Id laugh.

    The higher I go, the crookeder it becomes.


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