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    The internet killed it. I think this point is fairly obvious.

    The no-compete clause on contracts killed it. Does anybody care about AW anymore? That's what the no-compete is designed to do. AW said he wanted to come out on shoot interviews and talk about WWE but couldn't because of contract stipulations. Once it's up, nobody would care about AW anymore. What happened in WCW with Lex Luger and the Outsiders jumping ship and immediately going to TV will never happen again.

    The lack of competition killed it. We're over 10 years removed from the days of real competition in the industry... it's to the point that nobody would've cared if Matt Morgan(sorry TNA but it's fact) showed up in WWE again rather than making a surprise appearance at a TNA house show, but you had mid-carders showing up in WWE from WCW back in the day and people made a big deal out of it.


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