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    Look man, that's all up to you. If you choose to be on this sites, you can't blame WWE for a lack of shock effect.
    You are also naming events from when you probably were a child, thus not being in the internet, thus being completely out of the loop of what was reported back then by the dirt-sheets.
    You're just a child from your era remembering the good times.
    Ur right to an extent. For the most part it is up to me... But is it entirely my fault that all this information gets leaked out? I would think the WWE would want to protect info like: Who they sign, Who's gonna recieve a push, Who's returning... Ya know stuff like that. I also mentioned the Kofi/Miz match and I remember specifically going to on a tuesday just messing around looking at some title history, power rankings, etc. And I saw on the front page KOFI WINS INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP! And I'm like WHAT?!?!....I was gonna watch that Shockability=0


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