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    Quote Originally Posted by CM Rock-Austin View Post
    Agree, I want to see if she has what it takes.
    I think she has what it takes, I believe it's up to WWE to just use her right

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    I think Kaitlyn definitely has what it takes to do the work, but her character hasn't really shined yet. I want to know more about Kaitlyn before she gets the title.
    I want to know who looked at David Otunga and said "You know something? This guy's good." They deserve to be fired.

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    I don't like Kaitlyns character, I don't think shes attractive, I don't think she has the skill ... One the other hand WWE needs more divas in the spotlight since kelly kelly and beth phoenix are out .. It's 50/50 for me

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    Yeah she is good but still #wewantpaige

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    Quote Originally Posted by Great One View Post
    I don't know about you guys but I like Kaitlyn. I think she's actually a decent wrestler and not just a pretty face. And I enjoy this storyline I mean it gives diva's more air time and stuff. And now that kaitlyn knows Eve set it up for her to get attack I wouldn't mind if she kept attacking Eve daily and setting up a match between them two. I would enjoy seeing her having a title run. Thoughts on Kaitlyn and a possible title run???
    I rather see AJ Lee as Diva's Champion to be honest

    I get that Big E Langston dropped the NXT CHAMPIONSHIP Bo Dallas out of all people? WTF!

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    Yes I would love to see her as diva champion, but not right now. Eve needs a long reign to cement herself a dominant champion, she should feud with Kaitlyn and Layla for a while, then move onto a new Diva, like Alicia Fox or Naomi, then maybe one more feud before coming back to Kaitlyn

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    Cat fights turn me on.

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    Kaitlyn's improved more in the 2 years she's been in WWE that Kelly Kelly improved in 6 years. That says it all. She's not just a pretty face, she's actually striving to become a decent wrestler.

    I really hope she's the next Divas champ.
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