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    Who can be the new Rey Mysterio?

    It saddens me to say this, but Rey really is near the end of his career. I don't know if he's fully healed or that the last injury just took to much out of him, but he's much, much slower and needs a lot of assistance, while he has further toned down his moveset. It was painfully obvious when he went for the splash: it wasn't a splash, just an barely controlled belly flop.

    Some will say he's been over the hill for half a decade, with which I do not agree. He had a fantastic match with John Morrison for the IC-title, in which he showed that he (at that time) could still go if he wanted/needed to.

    I am not calling for him to quit. That's up for him/WWE to decide, and they should do it big and right when it's time. And further more: he still has something to offer. He helps Sin Cara a lot, he stills gets a big pop, and the kids/mask thing on his way to the ring is a cool thing that turns fans into fans for life. It makes the night for every kid, but also for every dad that took his kid to the show, and I think that's cool.

    Which brings me to this: who do they need to start grooming to take over when Rey calls it quits? Sin Cara of course in a way, but I don't see him pulling of the talking & being a genuine nice guy. Kofi Kingston springs to mind, but also needs a lot of work. How are they going to make Kofi relevant, more than a perennials mid carder?
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