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    Quote Originally Posted by PSOjedi View Post
    If Matt Striker help Rhodes & Sandow I would not be surprised. It's a possibility.
    Also, as Hell No is almost losing everything these last days, I can see them retaining at HIAC.
    But I can see the end of Hell No, leading to Rhodes & Sandow vs Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara.
    Not so predictable......

    For me it's obvious, Ryback will not win the WWE Championship at HIAC.

    1. Punk destroys Ryback backstage before the match, then Cena takes his place
    2. Brock Lesnar destroys Ryback during his entrance, then Cena takes his place
    3. Ryback is in the match so maybe Ziggler, or The Miz, or even Brock Lesnar interfer and cost him the title.

    If Ryback is in the match, I can see him winning by DQ, even if we're in a cell here.
    I didn't think you could win a HIAC match by DQ since there are no DQ's. Maybe end in a no contest.

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    Do Rhodes Scholars need a mouthpiece? No. Does Striker add anything, charisma wise to this team. No. Does he make them in any way more interesting? No.

    Striker should take the AW spot for Prime Time Players. If anything.

    I smell a cash in coming at HIAC.

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    The Matt Striker idea is interesting and definitely can't be ruled out.

    But i don't see Orton turning heel at the ppv possible interference from cena and inadvertently costing Ryback the match.

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    Eh, there's always the old steel cage finish where the powerhouse face nails the heel so hard, the latter goes flying and breaks through the cage door, being declared the winner because he escaped first. I know HIAC is supposed to be different, but it's not like promoters don't "re-invent" rules when it suits their needs. Look at how many times--including last night with Gabriel--someone wins a match clean and they "forget" to mention it's non-title, just to cite on example.

    And, yes, this means Foley taking the insane roof bump and going to the ground should have been declared winner in that match, but like I said, rules can magically change. They could even have some sort of promo on Raw the next night saying how Punk outsmarted Ryback because he had the first-out stipulation written into his contract, never mind that Vince personally presented the contracts on Raw.

    Just can't see a company as cautious as WWE giving the big strap to someone who can't even promo, so I expect Punk to retain...if they don't pull a substitution, as some have suggested above...which is bound to get them some disgruntled PPV buyers who are going to feel like they got a bait-and-switch since Ryback vs Punk may be why they ordered in the first place.

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