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    When Jack Swagger returns...

    I think he'll go after Cesaro. You might ask why? Well my guts tell me so and there are a few reasons too. First off all, there was a clear hint. I don't know which one, but I remember watching a Backstage Fallout video after he already won the US Title in which he said "no American is a match for me". It feels logical when you think Swagger is The all American American.

    Second, I think his hiatus is the beginning of a face turn. He needed to make a tweak in his character ever since his failed stint with the World title. So face Swagger vs. heel Cesaro... I like that idea. Plus it'll give Cesaro and Swagger, who both are underrated stars who could become big stars, something worthwhile to do.

    Thirdly, as I mentioned his failed stint as the World champ, his run with the US title wasn't that great either. So I guess, you could see this as a second chance for Swagger because as I mentioned, Swagger could be a big time player if used right.

    Any comments?


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