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    Question Punk vs Heyman feud: Would anyone be interested?

    With CM Punk currently having Paul Heyman as his manager and the pairing working so well together, there is gonna come a time where Paul Heyman may turn on Punk or Punk dumps Heyman as his manager which turns CM Punk back as a face.

    The question is, would you be interested in seeing a Paul Heyman vs Punk feud?

    I'm not talking about a match between the two but with Paul Heyman being an authority figure (as GM probably) trying to make CM Punk's life a living hell. Similar to Punk vs Laurinaitis. I know some people have been against WWE rehashing the Austin vs McMahon storyline but I think a Paul Heyman and CM Punk feud would make for great TV since both guys know each other very well and are great on the mic.
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