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    Let's just say you just bought TNA Wrestling from Dixie Carter and as the title says If YOU fixed TNA (Impact Wrestling) what would you do different? Who would be Champions? What would the Roster look like? Would you name a GM? If so who would it be? Would you even change the format to TV MA?

    In other words how would you make the Ratings go threw the roof and expand and actually give McMahon a run for his money.
    I've blogged about this before during the half a billion dollar Powerball a few months back. If I won that, I would have bought TNA and changed just about everything. So, as a hypthetical, here's the changes I would make.

    1. Get off Spike TV. Try for FX or another station with a more broad and diverse audience. On a station that consistently shows Manswers, 1000 Ways to Die, and Star Wars reruns, you have no reach.

    2. Create stars. They need to market their product. The reason nobody watches it now, is because nobody knows who these guys are. People are so hung up on the ex-WWE guys who they see as past their prime, that they don't even give the show a chance. They need to make true faces of TNA. Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, James Storm, these guys are perfect. They need to get them doing promotional appearances, talk shows, etc. Then when it comes time to do media blitzes, it should be these guys doing them.

    3. Bischoff and Hogan have to go. Hogan is still a big time celebrity, but not in the wrestling world. He's known more now for sex tapes, his reality shows, his divorce, and sadly, his son's death. As for Bischoff, let him do something behind the scenes for the business aspect of it, but as far as having really anything to do with the wrestling side of things, NO. NO. NO. NO. NO!!!. He's got NWO and Goldberg to his name and both are approaching 20 years ago. He's good on the mic and can play a great character, but nobody wants to see him anymore. I think Dixie Carter has relied way too much on him and Hogan. They both gots to go.

    4. A second show. Not only do they need a new station, they need a second show. They have too much young talent that they leave off their weekly show because of the need for segments involving Hogan. This week we have championship Thursday which means we'll have another 4 or 5 segments where Hogan is sucking away valuable TV time. They should do a second show, even if for only an hour, in an odd timeslot like WCW's Saturday Night used to be. Saturday at 6pm. Feature some X Division matches, some secondary storyline building, take some time recap Impact, and hold those tapings in the Impact Zone the way they used to. Film back to back episodes on consecutive days or something, to eliminate travel.

    5. Get on the road. I cannot stress this enough. Tour college campuses. College kids love when events come to campus. $10 a ticket will sell out any college arena. Start small, and build a name for yourself. Hit some lower division schools like Florida Atlantic, Louisiana Monroe, UAB, etc. But not only that, get out and about more. Don't just limit yourself to the southeast corner. Do they want to be territorial, or do they want to become big time? Get up to the northeast. Get out west. Get into Canada, the native homeland of one of your top stars. There's so much potential, but they limit themselves. Sometimes, to succeed in business, you need to invest and take risks. This is one they should take.

    6. Move to Monday Night. Take WWE on man to man. How many viewers would switch over to watch Impact if Alberto Del Rio came out, spewed on for 10 minutes prior to his match with Santion? Or If Brodus Clay were dancing around like a fool before his match against Yoshi Tatsu? Don't be afraid. How much worse can your ratings get?

    There's so much more, but work comes first. These are just some major format ideas.


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