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Thread: Mike Tenay

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    Quote Originally Posted by imswm View Post
    I have been given the distinct impression Tony wants nothing to do with announcing wrestling anymore. Very surprised to see him billed as appearing at some mat fan convention, having never seen him linked to anything to do with wrestling post-WCW--but those conventions sometimes have lots of bogus billing, so this may not be etched in stone.
    He did make like one or 2 appearances in TNA Wednesday Night PPVs...
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    Personally, I love Tenay for one thing. His ability to call wrestling matches. He understands and know the holds, which is another reason why I am "ok" with Taz being on the headset. He is also able to call the majority of holds. The problem I have is that they need someone else (Borash I'd hope) to fill that in between. Tenay is the person that should be commentating on in ring action and bringing the color back to the ring (VKM with Heenan and Macho or Tenay with Tony S and Mark/Mongo/Bischoff/Heenan/Larry Z). The role that Tenay is playing is trying to keep Taz focused on the inring, while trying to play the lead, and trying to call the match. They need someone to entertain Taz during his comedic attempts, while Tenay brings it full circle to the match at hand. Honestly, I "HATED" Don West before he left the table, but had I known that Taz was going to replace him, rather than Borash, I would have wished for them to keep him there. Don's excitability/comedy, mixed with Tenay's knowledge/pace, and Taz "laid back" style/comedy might have made me happy. Then again, I could have ended up hating it. But I do know one thing, Borash is gold on the mic to me. I love his interview style, introductions, and enjoy him during the Dest. X PPVs. I would like to see him worked into the dynamic on the table for a few weeks, just to see how he, Tenay, and Taz could work together.

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