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    Mike Tenay

    So there have been some rumblings of how disappointed some people are lately with Mike Tenay. I think everything could be summed up by a section from DK Savior's BFG review:

    Finally, and this is my biggest gripe of the entire evening. MIKE TENAY. He absolutely sucks at announcing. Some of the great action they ahd, and he was so mono toned and sounded so disinterested throughout the night. He would get excited and certain points, but every finish, he would say things like, "And Tara win the title", or "Five Star and RVD got him". Put some fucking hype it man. If you're disinterested, give it up. Do something else with yourself. He makes Michael Cole sound awesome. How about saying something like, "Hardy nails the Twist of Fate. He's got him covered. 1...2...3, WE HAVE A NEW CHAMPION. JEFF HARDY WINS THE TNA TITLE!". I'll gladly move down to Orlando and announce next to Taz if Tenay is going to just snooze his way through matches. Bound For Glory was the best PPV of the night, and it could have been even better if Tenay would have done a better job announcing. I scowl when I watch and here in a bland and emotionless voice, "Magnus has to tap", or "Storm with the Last Call again and he covers Roode for the pin". Major Gripe with that one.
    So I did a little research and found out Tenay's problem: it's Taz! When Don West was with Tenay, he would get all excited and Tenay would feed off of that. Taz, for the most part, is laid back. It is hard for Tenay to get pumped up when your colleague is lacking in energy. Below are some clips during and post the Don West-era. Do you think that there is a difference in Tenay's intensity? Could just be me.

    Borash in this one but same rule applies:


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