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    What lots of you guys haven't mention is the channel itself Spike plays a huge role in the ratings..... Look at what programming they have??? Most only appeals to one certain part of the demographic.... Sure they have some popular show like Ink Masters, Jail, 1000 ways to Die, MMA live, then they going have Bellator debuting in 2013 that appeals to the cross demographics from young to old and men to women.... But they don't draw the ratings....

    Then one can look what channel Spike is on, for channel surfing it unlikely one will get to the channel it if channel 40 or 50 something... Now if the channel is in the 20s or 30s it might have more people watching?? Then compare the fan base of each wrestling show on Tv right now.... Raw gets anywhere between 4 to 5 million or so viewers.... Smackdown slightly above 2 million... WWE new show Main Event gets about 1.25 million so far.... About the same as Impact on a good week usually get between 1 and 1.25 million.... then channel availiblity plays a factor one can go stay a week somewhere the hotel or cable provider might not carry Spike.....

    What I believe will solve TNAs rating and maybe boost viewership is for Spike to add something to it programming???? Be it Nascar, or WNBA or some sports high light show, or even a popular sitcom or crime drama, just something to appeal to another sect or demographic of viewers??? It no doubt wrestling is struggling with ratings esp this fall so far, not just Impact but Raw and Smackdown as well...
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    Not particularly interested in getting into a debate over what could "fix" any promotion, but am compelled to point something out, due to a number of posts that make a similar reference: Where TNA is time-slotted is up to SPIKE. not a matter of Dixie Carter et al going "Hmm, I think we'll be on ___day, at _ pm." They do go to the Spike brass on occasion--since the network picks up some of TNA's tab--and ask for certain shifts, such as the failed move to Mondays, but that's very different from choosing their spot.

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    WCW became so obsessed with its USA ratings it sent them out of business


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