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    TNA Rating Issues

    Hey y'all. every week when I see the Impact rating and how it dips and peaks at quite a low mark it makes me think what what are they doing wrong. I mean the shows have been stellar since the summer. Many people used to say because its taped, they changed it to live and its seemed to get worse. Others say its because they don't go on the road and to a degree that is true and if they went on the road would that change the ratings? the answer is maybe only slightly.

    The main problem TNA has imo is their day and time slot. Moving to 8pm was a huge mistake, they were doing better in the 9pm slot. What TNA needs to do is look at the ratings of all channels during the entire week and pick a day and a prime time slot that is pretty much empty of quality programming and see if spike will let them have it. I'm sure you guys in the states would know what slot TNA would do better in. Here in the UK TNA does well, and granted it is because it is on freeveiw, but with being on a Sunday at 9pm that slot is pretty much dead imo. The PPV's are shown on a Wednesday at 10pm which is a decent slot, only downside to it is that Challenge shows adverts which extends the PPV to 4hours so ending at 2am may hurt it to a degree.

    What do you guys reckon?


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