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    Quote Originally Posted by Cobra Commander View Post
    I never really like Jeff Hardy and as far as the title goes I think TNA is doing what TNA thinks is best. Jeff is there top merchandise seller and a lot of TNA viewers like him for some reason. This title reign could be good for TNA or it could bite them on the butt. The real question is how long is he going to keep the belt and who will beat him for it.
    my money is on after he signs a new contract

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    I don't care how much his fans like him I feel he does not belong as a champion in tna or when he was in WWE. I would literally say he tarnished the heavyweight champion. I also feel he is weird and has issues. I think his best achievements were as a tag team wrestlers.

    Aries is a far better wrestler than jeff imo. I wanted a lengthy title run like his x division run...or one rivaling Roode's tna title run. I kind of like @ AA as tna's equivalent to cm punk.


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