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    Come on, you know what I'm talking about when I say "nobody cares about X"... I'm obviously not talking about the IWC. I'm talking about the crowd reaction. I mean even in terms of the IWC, you were hearing Daniel Bryan chants when he was a bonafide heel, Dolph Ziggler chants were real strong at one point and they're still there, and I think Damien Sandow got more chants in a match as a heel than whoever he was facing in one particular match that I can't recall... I think it was against Epico and Primo with Cody Rhodes. The IWC and "smart marks" have some influence like that.

    I'm saying you can't just stick JBL in a match with no build. They're going to have to give the audience a reason to care about JBL again... face or heel, again like they did with Booker T when he had a feud with Cody Rhodes. The crowd isn't going to give you the same kind of reaction that Vader got when he did his one-off... even if JBL went on hiatus and came back. Just look at when he returned in 2011 to be the guest referee for Michael Cole's match at Wrestlemania. Michael Cole was getting the crowd to react, introduced JBL, and the response to JBL was lukewarm at best(and they were even in Texas that night, and Michael Cole made it clear that he's from Texas).


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