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    Thoughts on the title changes at BFG:

    I was rooting against my favorite wrestlers in TNA to win the tag titles at BFG. They didn't which is a huge plus to me. With Chavo and Hernandez winning, it means that Daniels and Kaz will have to face them in a rematch for the tag titles. No more AJ vs Daniels?!?!?! I havn't been this happy over a tag team title win for TNA in a long time. Where do the titles go from here? Have no idea, but of the 3 wrestling companies I watch(ROH, TNA, and WWE) TNA now has the worst tag division of them all.

    Tara wins I think is a plus because Tess really has nothing left to do. She has really nothing interesting about her. What is interesting about Tara? New attitude, boyfriend, and the new Knockouts champion. With Velvet resigned, hopefully she wins the belt.

    RVD winning the X-Division title is disappointing to me. I was hoping Jesse Sorrenson would be the guy to take the X-Division title off of him. Why RVD win the title? What does this do for him? Just another notch on his belt where he can say, "I've done that!" Other than that, don't understand the move. Thought Zema Ion could have used that push. RVD vs Kenny King is intriguing o.....

    Jeff Hardy winning the world title was a move we all saw coming knowing Jeff's contract was up in February. Not disappointed though because I've realized in recent months how over-rated Aries is. Figure they'll have a rematch, but the guy I want to take the title off of him is Bully Ray.

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