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    The Miz: What now?

    As it's been announced on, Kofi Kingston is the new Intercontinental champion, defeating The Miz on tonight's Main Event. Now the question I pose is where would you like to see The Miz go from here? Would you like to see him turn face after all these years of being a heel, regain the Intercontinental title back from Kofi Kingston, stay heel, etc.

    Another question I have for you guys is what feuds would you like to see The Miz in?

    For me personally, I would like to see The Miz as a face. I really think his heel run has ran it's course and I think it's time for him to do something a little different and a face turn will give him that chance to do something different. The Miz has proven he can indeed be a company man and has the charisma to pull off a face run.

    For a feud I would like to see him in, I'll say a feud against CM Punk. It would be interesting to see Miz as a face taking on a heel Punk.
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