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    Welcome to another exciting episode of Inside the Tights. Last week we had EWNCW's own King Strem up for an interview and this week we have another creative member from that fed with us. He loves to dig holes and toss unsuspecting guys into them, get ready to go Inside the Tights with TheJosephBanks!

    First off welcome to the show, now for everyone unfamiliar with your work, please tell us about your characters and positions on shows.

    Pleased to be here, boss. People are unfamiliar with me? Well, shit, I must not be doing a proper job here in the land of e-fedding, and.. uh butterfl--- e-fedding. Yeah, that's it.

    Well, to start off, there is me. I am the head booker for Inferno, one of EWNCW's main shows. There I write with Kingstrem, and the newly added S.E Zero. It's a lot of fun, getting the shows out that people have a joyous time reading, whether or not they admit it. Here's looking at you folks! *Uses the watching you motion.* I also got bounced around a lot. Rage, Warzon, back to Rage, then to Inferno - not to mention helping out with Rage and such when I'm needed. I am also, reportedly, Rilla. But you know, who knows where people get this information!

    Well, my primary character is Seraphim aka The Black Angel, a pseudo religious character, who doesn't exactly ascribe to a 'God' but moreso his subconscious, which he claims he can hear. Originally, he started off in the Battle of the Newcomers elimination match with the likes of Carlin, who he is feuding with now, Ryan Wells, and Istvan Gretzky, who recently departed EWNCW. He then went on to feud with the likes of PrimusKhan, and Solla, in Ironmatch matches, and Cage matches - winning both, because Seraphim is the bees knees. He then went on to feud with the great and Legendary, TBOZ, for the EWNCW World Heavyweight Championship, though he failed to capture it. During an absence of mine, and right when I came back under the TJB(TheJosephBanks) moniker, Seraphim was taken out by Ronaldo, the current EWNCW WHC at the top of War Games. Shame really. Now, he's back.

    I also have a tag-team by the name of Blacklist Royalty, which I was initially supposed to be in with someone else, but they decided not to go through with it, and I went ahead myself. It is a team of 'Princes', and they act as such and have moves named as such(Like Enslavement and Sons of the King) At one point, I belive Prince Alex Foyt, was supposed to be a champion on his own, no partner(People seem to have a lot of faith in me), but it was decided he needed to have a partner, so, I created Prince Chamberlain to go along with him. They won the Grand Championships, and then lost them to the great team of Mixed Emotions, during which time they were injured and slated to go to TWE, but that never came to fruition. So now they are floating in e-fed space.

    And finally, I have my developmental talent - Kaige Chamberlain. I suppose he could be considering one of the upper-mid-card, low main eventers there. During his first promo, he was paired with Mr. Smyth(BennyTheBall), and I feel we tore the house down. He is one of those cocky types, real asshole that the fans loves to get behind due to his 'give no fucks attitude'. He was in a lull for a while, almost like a 'creative has nothing for you' type deal, so he was pretty much shelved for a bit, but he seems to be picking up steam, even having a win over Adameus Frewin, who is the current number 1 contender to the TWE Championship.

    What do you think is the most rewarding aspect of being on creative and the most frustrating?

    Well, this question. Is it loaded? Tryna get me in trouble! I am on to you, buddy! Joking, of course.

    The most rewarding part of being on EWNCW Creative, is getting to work with so many different personalities, and being able to craft good stories that people want to see more of. I'm currently working on a few big things now, that you may see take shape coming up here soon. I don't think towards the next PPV, I think towards PPVs ahead and build from there. It is also good to see people coming to me with different ideas for their characters, and how they want to see them evolve and move forward. Plus the feedback, good or bad, helps.

    As far as the most frustrating; well, there is the obvious lack of promos sometimes, which causes me to have to call an audible, change things around, to make it seem like nothing is missing. No big holes left in the show; why leave them, when you can fill them with something else, amirite?

    Also, there is the fact, we are more or less expected to put everyone on the show - or so it seems. As long as they aren't injured, or otherwise MIA long term, it seems like we have to get everyone on the show. Which can be good in some respects, but in others, can be a bit of a pain. I can see why WWE/TNA/ROH don't try to throw their entire rosters on the shows. I mean, I get it, in an e-fed it's a bit easier to handle, but at the same time - that's a lot of people and it makes the PPVs come off as extremely long- when you have to put say, the majority of the Rage Roster on it, and the majority of the Inferno roster on it, and formerly, the majority of the Brutality roster.

    Otherwise, it's minor things, like how characters come off. Again, it's good and bad, no one wants to have a character that seems subpar, but sometimes, things just look unrealistic. Also, no one really wants to have a character botch, and I understand that, so all the matches come off as crisp - benefit of being in an e-fed.

    When you created your characters, did you have any ideas at that moment on how you wanted them to grow or anything specific you wanted for them?

    No, honestly. I just wanted to have fun, but the writers(even before I became one, and still, I try not to book my own characters - because I find that, you either over book them, or under book them) in the e-feds I've been in, seem to always have some faith in my characters, and abilities, so I'm always in something. Like feuding with TBOZ, or Carlin, or even Mr. Smyth, or potentially being a single champion in a tag-team world. It's flattering really. Kaige was the only one I had a smidge of direction for, and that was basically - 'Not having him on the same show as Seraphim' and 'Not having BLR debut and be near Kaige'. I wanted to keep them separate from each other.



    Mike Hawk
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