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    Inside the Tights 16

    Welcome back to another edition of Inside the Tights, the first efed talk show that gives you insights behind some of biggest and newest minds here. Last time we had a terrific interview from Torphy and this week we are going to we get to have a word with S.E Zero. Now let's go Inside the Tights!

    First off, great to finally have you on the show, even thought it's later than I expected. So first and foremost, would you like to tell everyone about your characters here and your creative roles in the efeds at the moment?

    Zero: Pleasure to be here at long last. I would and it's gonna be a long one....

    My first character is my pride and joy, he's Jason Alexander. A loud mouth high flyer looking to put himself and Puerto Rico on notice. He went off radar for some time when JBW was going through it's rough patch when Kash was running it but now he's back and better than ever, thanks to this long and intense feud Eddie and I have had as Eddie Juarez and Jason Alexander, respectively culminating at In Justice for Brawl with a Death Row Match or the #1 contender spot for the JBW World Heavyweight Championship. I've had quite the blast feuding with my brother from another mother and look forward to seeing us doing again someday.

    Followed by Orion "The Shadow" Slayde. Brought in to replace Alexander as Abel's partner on BWA at the time. When we decided to end The Shadows of Madness after our crazy feud with Jesting Madness, I saw a chance to break Slayde on his own, first aiding Kyojin when he had to pick an opponent to face then ICW World Champion VanHooliganX and then later on when he came to IWA and has been since, first feuding with Victor Elric and now being in the race for the IWA Blackout Championship. He's been an interesting and complex character to write for but certainly one of my favs.

    I was Greed of The Seven Deadly Sins. I say was since after the banning of Krysys, TWE has been lacking of the group and thus, it's been pretty much established that the group is no more. He was my dark side. I was able to let all my anger, twisted thoughts, wicked actions play out through his actions as an embodiment of Sin. I'll miss him. He was a package deal so if The Seven Deadly Sins ever return to any fed, he'll be back until then he'll be in the sidelines.

    I play The Elite Bloodline, William Hastings and Anthony Bennett. Formerly the group known as Cooper and Hawkins, a lowly jobber team in EWNCW, a long time ago. When sent to TWE, they were transformed into the guys they are now and with great success as they can now say they are 2 time (hopefully more as time goes on) Tag Team Champions. They have been a really good team to write for.

    I play Erick Alexander, Jason's cousin. He brought to AWF to be Jason's tag team partner and together they are known as The Alexander Bloodline. As a singles star he is now the JBW Superfly Champion and has been on Zero Gravity on his own since the new JBW has been in place.

    I also play Keith Andrews, an ex-Marine turned wrestler, formerly in the tag team known as The Dogs of War and now wrestles under a Devil Dog persona as a singles wrestler.

    Now on to my WWE fed characters.....

    I play C.M. Punk. He was previously Bear's character but when he became available I was quick to petition him as a character. I play him under a man looking bring honor into the wrestling world. This will lead to something big later down the line, so be on the lookout for that.

    I play Tyler Black, he is my hybrid of a little bit of his WWE persona (using his theme and some of the moves he uses in the WWE) and his time in Ring of Honor (this is through his looks and influence of Punk's gimmick where he now values honor in the wrestling world), he was my first character in the WWE fed and as such i a very special character to me.

    The Kings of Wrestling are also under my control. I was formerly able to control just Hero as eyehatecena was interested in played Castagnoli and we agreed to be partners, but his departure around I believe around December/January made it so I now control both men. They recently won a shot against the WWE Tag Team Champions, All American Perfection and I got a good feeling they could beat them for the gold. So fingers crossed.

    I play Paige, again a vacated character that when I discussed if she would fit into certain plans I had in mind to do within the fed later this year, I was told she'd be perfect for it. She seems to be well liked, some even disputing she should've been in the recent SummerSlam match to crown the brand WWE Womens Champion, I was humbled that so many thought so and look forward to seeing Paige enter the race for the gold sometime in the future.

    I play Tyler Reks. He's based off The Wrecking Ball persona, Eddie and I sort of came up for him in the BTB saga, Eddie and I first met up in and formed the infamous bromance, people just don't seem to comprehend will never be broken He was the bearer of the WWE Intercontinental Championship in the WWE fed. It was quite the fun reign.

    and finally.......I play THE MIZ!!! He was dropped around SummerSlam and immediately knew he had to be one of my characters and waited till the right moment to bring him back and did so at SummerSlam. He is going to be really fun to write and hope people enjoy my portrayal of him soon.

    My creative roles lie in being the head booker for Zero Gravity and the soon to be defunct Brutality. I will be a writer for Inferno, once Brutality is closed and remain in my creative duties for JBW.

    The morale has been a low around here, what do think it would take to get the feds back on fire again?

    Zero: I wouldn't know what to tell you. Morale is really up to individual in question to determine how low it is and how to raise it. It could range from a much needed break where you can recharge the spark that once made you IC like you did in the old days. To think off creative ways in which to present a promo that you might not have thought of at one point or another. To have more weekly shows and so forth. It really doesn't have a simple solution,it has a plethora of them, we just have to find within ourselves which one suits our needs.

    I've been doing this pretty much nonstop for over a year and a half now and I wouldn't object to taking a break but knowing that I got the momentum going for many of my characters at this present time and I got to be in not 1 but 2 creative groups makes me see that I can push myself past my normal boundaries and try, and the keyword is try to do my best as the characters I portray and in the matches/shows I put out there and Sure it's hit or miss on many instances but I gotta keep going because I know I can and those are some of the responsibilities I signed for both as a regular user and a member of creative.

    My personal morale varies per situation and I'm sure it happens with many other users and what it would take to raise it, really depends on us (both users and creative) and to making 2013 a good year for the feds.

    With all the bannings and cuts going on, do you think there are still to many feds?

    Zero: We do and we don't. I'll clarify. I don't believe there are many feds since you got the standard 3 JBW, IWA and EWNCW, this last one having a sister fed (TWE) acting as a developmental fed for future talents to join EWNCW at a later point in time. So really altogether you got 4 and that's not too bad much it also feels like a bit much at the times, especially when at times you share 1 character across them all like Shaz, for example who is all the feds at the moment, though it is his and that of many others choice to do this.

    We have special exceptions being the WWE fed, which is the one fed we can a take a break from the standard kind of fed and embark on how we would portray actual wrestlers, be they from the WWE, TNA, ROH, the indies or from all around the world like Mexico and Japan. Making a great fed to just find something to do and maybe see fedding in a new light.

    Then we got BITW; a special fed run by Kash and R(ob) and that's as far I'll get into it since I really follow the fed nor care to. They do their thing and that's good for them.

    You got The Grand Prix as well, which is kind of a fed but at the same it's not. So I can't really put it within this topic.

    So at a sprectrum of 6 (maybe 7) feds in total, yes it may be too much in my opinion and with the bans and cuts (forceful or voluntary) the feds are going to struggle for a bit so maybe at a point these feds will dwindle down as time goes by but until such a time comes....

    I don't know if the numbers will go down, much less increase (which can happen, cause anybody may think at one point or another: "Hey, I can run a fed, I'll make one.") and just go for it all without any thought as to ponder: "Hey there may be to many feds already or he could simply satisfy that desire to be in a creative by joining an already fed's creative group."

    Certainly at one point or another someone has to see that there will be simply too many feds and too little characters to support them if these bans and cuts (again forceful or voluntary) continue in the near future.



    Mike Hawk
    EWNCW World Champion (11-12-13 to 5/1/14) Vacated
    Current IWA World Champion (12-15-13 to Present)
    IWA Blackout Champion (3-24-13 to 4-27-14)
    Former JBW Television Champion (12-2-12 to 8-2-13)
    Former ICW Tag Team champion
    1st and last EWA Carnage World champion

    Mixed Emotions (Pride and Sorrow)
    Current EWNCW World Tag Team Champions (4-19-13 to 4-26-14)
    Last EWNCW Grand, Hardcore and International Tag Champions

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