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    Inside the Minds: Three Men And A Title

    So we are drawing closer to the Elimination Chamber, and a lot of things have happened. Brock Lesnar returned, The Rock won the WWE Championship, Ziggler has not cashed in his MITB briefcase, and each efed has put out another show. So, this weeks guests are Rehmix, and the creator of Inside the Tights, Wrestlingfan! So, let's get right into this!

    With Elimination Chamber just 2 weeks away, the only matches being confirmed are Rock vs Punk II for the WWE Championship, ADR vs Big Show for the World title, and a Smackdown #1 contenders Elimination Chamber match, how do you think this PPV is shaping up?

    Rehmix: Elimination Chamber is always an interesting PPV. It always seems like they are just shoving something between two of the biggest PPVs in WWE, a buffer if you will. But I think it is shaping up to be an interesting PPV so far. I would like to see a few more matches added obviously.

    The EC match itself should be very good with the amount of guys that will be in it, although if they add Khali to the match, it will be disappointing. I hope to see another EC match added, maybe a US Title match. I think it would be cool see something other than a world title on the line in a EC match. This would give a lot of the younger mid-card guys some time in a match that has a good history in WWE. I would allso like to see something with the WWE title, but it looks like Team Hell No will be in the EC match for the # 1 contender’s match.

    The Rock is a big draw, but he better be on at least one Raw before the PPV or else the whole him and Punk rematch will pretty much be a whatever match. It just seems like you know the Rock is going to win so I don’t really even want to watch it. It also looks like the Shield is going to be a part of a match with Cena, Sheamus, and Ryback. Which I think will be a very good match. I hope that more matches are added cause they will help to add to the PPV’s value.

    WF: I am stoked to see what all happens at EC. The return of Swagger defiantly adds some new layers to the chamber and it is great to see him repackaged and better than ever, hopefully the E will take more of a chance on him. Khali is the only man I don't want in the match just because he adds nothing to it. Orton would be my pick to win it since he hasn't been in the title picture to much.

    The world title match will also be fun since I am enjoying Del Rio more. I expect him to beat show, but we will either see Dolph vs Orton at Mania or Orton turn heel and face Del Rio, or a triple threat.

    Rock vs Punk will also be big also even thought we know that the Rock will win. The E won't have him for much longer so I am sure they are going to get the most out of him until WM is finished.

    Bear: So obviously these questions were asked before the most recent Raw, as Ryback/Sheamus/Cena vs The Shield has been added. I still think this PPV doesn't live up to the hype of paying 50 dollars for it. The only thing appealing to me about the PPV is the Rock/Punk match, merely because I feel like it has big implications. If Rock wins, we are most likely seeing Rock vs Cena II, but if Punk wins, I see us getting Rock vs Cena vs Punk, which I would prefer. Other than that, this is a PPV that if i missed, I wouldn't feel like i've missed out on.

    Brock lesnar recently returned to the WWE to build up to his Wrestlemania match. He also signed a 2 year extension with the WWE. Do you feel Lesnar being in the WWE helps or hurts the company?

    Rehmix: I’m very indifferent right now. On one hand I hate this Part-Time bullshit that the WWE is doing right now. I wish they would either be here or not and if they don’t want to show up each week then don’t let them do anything. But on the other hand I do enjoy the old guys coming back and having some chances at playing with the new guys.

    Brock is someone who I always felt left to early and I think could have done a lot in WWE. I think he was a great monster heel, with the help of Heyman, and I actually think he could have mad a good face, taking to how popular he was in UFC in the beginning. I think that the man is a good addition to WWE but I really wish he was on TV more. It is hard for him to have a meaningful feud if he isn’t around a lot.

    WF: Personally, if he is doing the same deal I think it hurts it. I am sure his contract is going to cost a good bit and that could be money used to get talent that would work full time or give desearving guys a raise. But I at least hope he is used to get younger guys over and seeing matches like Barrett vs Lesner, Sheamus vs Lesner, or Del Rio vs Lesner would be entertaining in my opinion. But that is up to them, so we will see where it goes.

    Bear: I agree with WF. Personally if Lesnar came in, signed a 3 year contract, and was there full time. Even if he didn't do house shows, and just appeared on weekly Raw or SD, it would be so much better. It would give Lesnar the chance to get over and be at the top of the mountain once more, and it would give the WWE the chance to use Lesnar to put over talent over. Imagine a Lesnar vs Barrett feud or Lesnar vs Kane or Lesnar vs Ziggler.

    Currently in efedding, there are a lot of characters. Who do you feel is the most underrated character/star right now?

    Rehmix: I figured I would go through each one and say who I feel is the most underrated. This is a tough list to make but I think these guys are good and deserve more.

    JBW - Israel Pamich. This guy is always ICing and is building his character left and right. His promo’s are always the black horse any show it is on and he is going to do well this year, I hope.

    EWNCW - Mike Hawk. Now I am new to EWNCW and honestly have not read many of their shows, but am looking forward to reading man more of their shows. Hawk does good work in other feds and it is the same in this one.

    IWA - Jackson Smith. I don’t know why I like Smith, but I don’t think he gets enough talk. He brings it every week in his promos and I hope he cashes that briefcase soon.

    WWE - Sable. Glamour Girl is becoming a great eFedder and is doing very well with Sable. She pretty much runs that Diva division.

    BITW - Hard to say since they have only had one show, so I don’t think I can make a clear decision here.

    Wf: There a ton of guys that don't get enough recognition. My fellow guest Rehmix is just now starting to get better feuds in my opinion and I hope it gives him a more solid platform to stand on as he tries to move up. Jackson Smith, CM Rock-Austin character, has the potential to be a very strong midcard face in the IWA right now and I am excited to see where he goes. King Stream is a guy I also feel doesn't get a lot of recognition outside of EWNCW creative and is definitely someone I would love to feud with on Inferno.

    Bear: First I'd have to agree with Rehmix and WF. CM Rock/Jackson Smith is someone who could be a big game player. I feel like he just needs to find his niche, and once he finds that thing that makes him stick out from all the rest, he will steadily climb the proverbial ladder. Someone else I feel is underrated is KJ Punk. I feel like he doesn't get the recognition he deserves. He normally always delivers, and I feel like he should be higher up than he is in efeds.

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