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    You were the first person I worked with when I joined the efeds in the EWA and your promos were a big reason I tried harder to put out stronger work. Do you think strong competition brings out the best in others or that their single work is better?

    I remember that very well.. I believe you were actually chosen ahead of me! DAMN YOU! SCREW THIS INTERVIEW! lol. Nah joking aside you deserved it man. I'm going to be very honest and something I have not done when speaking about EWA. I can honestly say I hated my time in EWA.. I regretted signing up every single time I came on this site but.. I had no one to blame but myself. I signed up to EWA because HWA creative at the time advised newcomers to go over there and it would help in the long run.. so I signed up. First couple of shows go by and even though I handed in promo's and were told they were good I was never used.. funny enough the only other person not to be used was Van Hooligan X my friend and now partner who would become there champion and star of the show (Funny huh? ) So I told them I was done.. they let me go.

    flash forward a month or two and I'm now doing well in HWA, really well considering I was a new comer, Broc (Now helping EWA out on creative) speaks to me and says.. EWA could do with someone like you, I also think you will benefit why don't you give it another go. I would then speak to Van and he would ask me to give EWA another go.. So I sent a message to Rob asking if I would be welcome back and used.. he said I was off course welcome back and they would like to have me there, so I come back (Yay!) Now here's where my ego got the better of me.. I signed back thinking that because I was doing well on another show, IMO.. a much better show, that if I went to a smaller one.. I would be used, I mean I seen people who I didn't consider great or better then me doing the same so why couldn't I do it? So I'm thinking I will be on one of the main shows enter a decent feud and there we go.. NOPE! I would be sent to the development brand and barely used.

    Now I could have changed this.. maybe IC'ed more, shown I was more keen.. knuckled down and worked harder, yet again.. my ego got the better of me and I'm now competing for titles over at the better company and here I am in this one.. in a development brand. so I thought okay fine.. fuck it then. I'm not even going to try.. and I didn't. Which is my fault obviously.. I would then enter a feud with Ihavnhoe Heskey and for anyone who does not know.. that was a jobber character from Pauadrian lol. It couldn't get any lower in my eyes.. So once again.. I left. A little later EWA would then close and the rest is history.

    To answer the question though.. I would totally agree that strong competition brings out the best in others. from personal experience I can say it worked for me, when I was part of the Clique storyline.. I was working with and against some of the best in effeding and every week I knew I had to step up and deliver my best. I also knew it was an honor to work with such guys so if that didn't motivate me, then nothing would have. I would also say, though you always want your character to come out the best.. when you have been around effeding for a little while, you quickly learn that if you and the person you are feuding with can make the storyline good.. and enjoyable for the readers, then you have done well no matter who comes out the better.

    What have been been some of your favorite promos/matches/feuds to read recently and why do they stand out to you?

    Another good question. I will be honest here and say, I only read the shows of the fed's i'm involved in so I'm sure there's been great shows/Promo's/Feud's I have missed, but for me.. Shining vs Adonis in IWA has been a feud I have enjoyed recently, both good guys and there characters are so different which makes the feud interesting. Both men have been quality with there promo's and there feud for me has been the one that instantly I have enjoyed while being part of IWA. As for the others, I would have to say they have been in the WWE Fed. When you are on creative, you sometimes get the feeling that when you plan something.. it could be special, but the feud with United Kingdom and building there empire against the likes of Rhodes, Black, Punk has been something I have loved even though I know whats going to happen. lol the promo's have been great and the people portraying there characters have been spot on.

    Another one would be Austin Aries vs Chris Jericho/Bear vs Tommy. Everyone knows how good these guys are.. but they really have been nothing but great for the WWE Fed and there two guys who always deliver same would apply for the Edge vs Tyson Kidd/Eddie vs Shaz. Again just another good feud I have enjoyed.

    So Yeah, I would say there a couple of the Feuds/Promo's I have been enjoying. Also I would like to give a shout out for K2Jelly, from what I have seen.. this guy could play any character in the WWE Fed he's that good, also his custom characters.. they always amaze me at how different they are and how much they stand out when he writes for them.. I honestly believe that when some people have multiple characters often the wires get crossed and it can come across a little samey, but with Jelly.. every character is different to the other and he gets my respect for that.

    Is there anything you want our viewers to be on the lookout for in the future?

    Firstly, thanks again for having me on the show. As for people to watch out for? I guess IWA and the WWE Fed. I honestly believe IWA is really going places with the talent that's joined recently and you mix that with what they already had and Bear on the creative.. it can only keep getting better! As for the WWE Fed, Same apply's.. I think we have personally done really well but again.. I have no doubt we can keep going forward so be on the watch out for that.

    That's it for this week folks, now remember to get out some viewer questions to me for these guys also. The next guest is VanHooliganX and then Torphy and then I will have the next 5 names out between those two interviews.

    Theme of the Week- Kyojin



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