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    No true colors, as I don't have any other color than my own.

    I didn't say you didn't deserve it, I said King doesn't get enough recognition as a champion, not only in the awards, but in a broader sense. When people list their favs/charatcers they would like to feud with, King is never there. He's been champ for 10 months and doing it so good that no other has been pushed to take the belt of him. Which doesn't mean you don't deserve it.

    How could I know you write in a second language? If you stated in the forums, I didn' recall it.

    ???? Why my opinion has to be taken as the whole opinion of EWNCW?

    You forget I said "some of them proved me right, some others didn't". It is obviuous that you fall into the "some of them didn't category.

    If I recall it properly, Tommy's problems were in 2011 so they don't count Just Kidding. I think I told him provately that he had done wrong in the way he approached his issues, and that's what put him in trouble.

    I didn't take away anything from you, and if I did, I already apologized and will do again if necessary.

    Thanks to all for your comments on my interview, positive and negative.
    Firstly, you handled that well.

    I have said what I think, as others have done.

    Opinions are opinions and that's fine, I just felt you didn't need to voice yours in the awards thread and IMO, you tried taking the shine away from the Clique who won a lot of the awards. If you didn't agree, then that was fine. But to play it down was disrespectful and I took it personal because it's something I was apart of and pretty damn proud to be too.

    You have said sorry, and perhaps I should for my comment about EWNCW grouping up, it seemed that way, but I got it wrong. I'm sorry for that comment.

    1x Tag Team Champion - Ramon/Infection.
    IWA & EWN Tag Team of the Year 2013 - Ramon/Infection.

    1x Adrenaline Champion - Ramon.
    HWA & EWN Champion of the Year 2012 - Ramon.
    Feud of the Year 2012 - Ramon/Clique
    Shocking Moment of the Year 2012 - Ramon/Clique

    Feud of the Year 2013 - Rock/Ambrose.
    Promo of the Year 2013 - Rock/Ambrose.

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