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    Yeah Ill be honest. Grind took a while to get back to me on it, which I understand, and he replied with alot and sent it as two parts. Well normally I do two parts, so without even thinking I was like "two parts, right, go to post", and then it was after someone pointed out it was short i reread and was like "damn it.."

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    Also there should be a new edition of Inside the Tights OOC, up in the next few days.

    I'm going to be shooting out some PMs now for the IC version, so keep an eye out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bearkg88 View Post
    Yeah Ill be honest. Grind took a while to get back to me on it, which I understand, and he replied with alot and sent it as two parts. Well normally I do two parts, so without even thinking I was like "two parts, right, go to post", and then it was after someone pointed out it was short i reread and was like "damn it.."
    I think the original PM's got lost in the shuffle somehow, cos I remember sending them earlier. But you know, it's not the first time something like this happens, as other times people will post a VW to me asking if I got their PM's and I didn't get shit.

    There will be a chance to right that wrong later on, I guess.

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    This is something I could be very interested about..
    Ryan Wells:

    - Former JBW TV Champion
    - Former EWNCW Evolution Champion
    - Former Undisputed BWA Grand Champion
    (w/ Gillz)

    Xavier Hightower:

    - Former RTE Tag Team Champion
    (w/ Kaige Chamberlain)

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    So this week I'll be doing a special Inside the Tights OOC. And this weeks guest is......drum roll please...Wrestlingfan! Let's get right into it!

    First, a big thanks for coming up with the idea of Inside the Tights WF. Now, for those unfamiliar with your work in all of the efeds, can you share with us your characters?

    No problem, I am thrilled everyone is enjoying it so much and there is a great IC spinoff. As for characters...

    My main character is Mike Hawk, the name came because I wanted something that would stand out and to see how long it would take for someone to notice. I'm not sure if I'm the only one who does this with a character, but every fed he is in, they get a different version of Hawk. JBW/EWA Hawk is your larger than life showboat heel, that tries to outdo his opponents. EWNCW Hawk is your hungry young competitor who doesn't care about anyone but himself, but he still follows his own code and wants to be the best doing whatever it takes. IWA Hawk is kind a more darker, serious one. He wants to cause mayhem anyway possible and makes his decisions by which will hurt more people.

    Mixed Emotions are my tag team currently exclusive to EWNCW. Pride and Sorrow are brothers from Rome, who grow up with wrestling and the Italian theater, mainly opera. They wear the happy and sad theater masks all the time as a way to show their emotions and their in ring styles reflect them as well. There move names come from opera terms that describe the speed of the move compared to the music speed. Their main goal is create an age where people respect the old ways again and they are willing to force their views if they need to.

    Christopher Daniels is my WWE character. I haven't done much with him yet, but I am still getting the feel of it. He is really unique and a tricky person to write for yet I want to add some of my own flavor in there.

    Finally in BITW, I have Havok. He is an ex marine who left because he became to violent after visiting the temple of Kali in India. The only thing he cares about is causing the most pain possible in order to please Kali, even if he has to suffer. I based him loosely off of Thanos from Marvel and his obsession with the goddess of death.

    Back in EWA, Hawk turned from face to heel, and also had a reign as the World Champ. Can you fill us in on what exactly happen with the turn, and any thoughts you have on being the final World Champ for EWA?

    Roba asked me to turn heel since Carnage had a lot of faces at the time. This was right before the boom in membership and I went with it because they are taking their time to include me on their show so that's the least I could do. I was brand new around that time, so no one expected much from me and the night it happened, it came as a shock because I was feuding with CAR and no one expected me to win the fatal four way match. Officially, I only had the title right at the PPV then a little after EWA ended. It was the Carnage world title also so I was like the third top champ, but was honored to have won it.

    The way I see it, a title or being in the title picture means that you have been doing a good job and it's a thank you gift. Once I get a title, I do my best to boost it up in my own unique way(see JBW ICing on TV Title) that still connects with my character, in order to repay whoever is writing for the chance and to make the most of it.

    If you had to look at the ranking of the current efeds, how would you rank them overall from top being with the most success, to the bottom with the least success?

    EWNCW(TWE) and WWE at the top, for quick but great shows.
    IWA solid middle place, great shows and good speed, but sometimes the average shows feel like they are a lot to take in.
    JBW just got their footing back so it's to early to rate them.
    BITW is the newest fed and I am eager to see their shows soon.

    What show is your favorite to read currently?

    Ahh, this is really hard to answer, as I do my best to check out every show here. Everyone works really hard to put on great shows so I really don't think I have an absolute answer as of now.

    You've had a few feuds, ones I know of are Hawk and Omega vs Black Blooded, Hawk vs Shaz, and what looks like to be the verge of a Hawk vs Jackson Smith feud. Out of all the efeds you've been in, what has been your favorite feud to take part in?

    I haven't had to many real feuds really, Hawk and Omega vs Black Blooded was really fun for me. Asher is my Joker here because we have met a bunch. I am disappointed that EWA ended right when Black Blooded vs Mixed Emotions and Crawford vs Hawk started because those kicked off with a boom and the lost promos we did for the unaired episode of Carnage were really good and some of our better early work. Cannon, was fun to feud with but there wasn't to much interaction to push it over, but I am having a lot of fun feuding with TDA's Johnny Rose at the moment. Also Mixed Emotions is going throught their first Brutality feud (first feud to interact with another team at least) with T Thunda and Tenorio which I am pumped for.

    As your character Mike Hawk, what is something you are really striving to do with him? Any particular feud you want to see happen? Any specific championship you hope he captures one day?

    At the end of shows when people start making lists on what they like or when you are one of the first people someone names that inspired you or you want to feud with, that is where I want to get Hawk at. Most of the stuff I have done so far has just been me, I have gotten compliments from time to time but little to no criticism, so I improve what I think isn't working. Aiming for a world title in the organization your in is a must also because like in real life, everyone is out to be the best and a world title on a show is a symbol of that. As far as feuds, I'd like to get the chance to work with everyone really because there are so many different styles out there and that will help you grow in the long run. Everyone does a lot in different ways and just getting to see how they work against you is really fun.

    What do you feel has been the best feud you've seen unfold on EWN throughout all the efeds?

    Recently it has been Jesting Madness vs Shadows of Madness in my opinion. Most people don't realize how tricky tag teams can be both writing for the team and the matches, but everything about this feud has been top notch with a MOTY candidates in there.

    What characters do you think who haven't won the big one, deserve that shot at the top?

    This I have to respectfully decline to answer. It's up to creative to decide what happens and why and if some people stay in the running for it a lot but don't win. And the thought process is different in each fed

    While not trying to push the button to much, I want to ask a question I'm sure others have thought about. With how JBW and Kash/Rob ended, and Kash/Rob started up BITW, and the history of JBW this year with not putting many shows out in the last few months, do you think BITW will suffer the same fate with real life taking over for the two owners? Where do you see BITW going?

    I don't and I am excited to see how the show turns out. I would never wish any ill will towards anyone and both guys have done a lot around here, so if they say they will get it up then I will wait patiently and see what tricks they have planned. As far as where I think it will go, I don't know since they haven't aired yet, but the roster is great and diversified so that is already a good starting point.

    Might do a few more, might not

    Do you feel there are enough efeds, currently at 5 if you count TWE and EWNCW as one, for peoples creativity?

    Yes I do, we are at that time in the year where a lot of people are busy and slow down a bit plus a lot of users on here have a ton of characters in use for 1 or more fed so most people are at their maximum workload. Each fed is different and meets the needs of different users from newer guys, older guys, guys who want to be their favorite wrestler, divas and tag teams. I simply don't see another fed coming in and being successful with the amount of work everyone has.

    You say you've feuded with Asher alot, but what user(s) have you wanted the chance to work with but haven't yet?

    K2J, eyehatecena on a larger scale, Zero, Torphy, Roba, Rob, Destruction and Jose are a few I would like to work with whether together or as a team. But that's not my say so I just go wherever the wind takes me and make the most of it, whether I am fighting for a world title or jobbing, I take pride in everything I am involved in and want it to be the best it can be.

    And, to end it, here is the theme for the week

    Eddie Juarez-Remember The Name

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    Great interview! Nice to see the reciprocal of the first ITT interview!

    Well done both of you, and cheers for the mention WF . I bloody well hope to feud with you soon aw well

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    Great interview!

    And Theme of the Week! Fuck yeah.

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    Awesome interview, really enjoyed that! Thanks for the mention!
    Efed stuff that doesn't matter

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    I lied, it matters.

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    Great interview. Very insightful. Thank you or the mention in both the feud of JM vs SoM and who you'd like to feud/work with. I too look forward to that one day. There are plenty of options and feds that goal can be accomplished in so only time will tell if it will happen. Once again, great interview.
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    great interview WF. Take care of my baby now.


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