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    This weeks guest, is a current member of the EWNCW roster. Mr William Carlin!

    Thanks for joining me William. Now, there are those who are familiar with your wrestling history, and others, like myself, who aren't. Can you touch on your history a little?

    Carlin: That goes back to the early-mid nineties, when I was a kid. During that time, I discovered my favorite wrestler: The Undertaker. Say what you want about the gimmick or the fella. I was just terrified of him. As I grew up a bit (and thanks to my father, who explained me some things about characters and how things worked) and started to like the fella. But the real love for him didn’t came until some years later. I spend some years of my life in Spain, and they weren’t broadcasting any wrestling there, so I missed a lot. However, it wasn’t wasted time as I took some judo lessons, and started to develop a liking for different locks.

    Back home a friend had all the VHS of WWF, and some WCW, so we spent lots of time watching them, either at my place or his. I discovered there Stone Cold, which I liked the attitude of saying what he wanted, Jericho, Malenko and Angle, masters of the technique, and the Undertaker, which became my favorite. But of course, my physique wasn’t his, so therefore I started focusing more on the technical side of things. During that period I started training wrestling on high school.

    I made a degree in philosophy at the Ohio University, and keep training wrestling. I was hoping to go to Japan to train there and maybe get a shot at NJPW or NOAH, but unfortunately couldn’t do it due to economic problems, and I regret that bitterly. But I learned some of The Great Muta’s moves and added them to my repertoire as a homage. Then I started to make indy shows, with stints on PWG and briefly in ROH, where I was blessed to watch Bryan Danielson, who helped me polish some of my moves. Had a tryout with FCW, but their style was a bit watered down for me, so I kept wrestling in the indies, landing a contract with Chikara, where I won the Young Lions Cup, and in Dragon Gate USA, where I had the chance to wrestle Johnny Gargano, Chuck Taylor, and in a couple of special apparitions, Low Ki and L.A. Park. Then I heard of EWNCW, made a tryout and got started.

    What has been your favorite match to be a part of? What exactly about the match made it so memorable to you?

    That’s easy, the Gates of Hell match. Everything was special in that one. Grind and I were involved in one of the most heated feuds at the time with the Shadows of Madness. We had already contested into two grueling matches for the EWNCW Blacklist belts, barely winning the 2/3 falls match and getting a more clear win in the ladder match. But the circle needed to be completed, and the feud had to end in a brutal fashion. I wasn't sure how we could top the previous two bouts, but then Brutality's GM Marik shocked the world by announcing a match of his invention. A cage match with the top on fire? Brutal!! 24 hours locked in a coffin? Brutality to the max!! Man, I was excited!

    I cannot properly describe what it was to be locked in that coffin. Yeah, you could even fall asleep for a while, but then hunger and thirst attack, and that's when your sanity starts to go down the drain. You can ignore them for a while, but then they just get increasing, up to the point you just want to make your way out of that coffin. When I got released, I was ready to kick the shit out of the first thing that came into sight. Fortunately, EWNCW personnel were intelligent enough to open the caskets just seconds before our music hit, so none of them could get hurt. And let me tell you something, if I was mad, you've had to watch Grind. He scared the shit out of me. I wasn't sure if he was going to recognize me, but he kind of twisted his lips up in what can be considered a grin, then the music hit and we went out.

    That had a positive thing, because I knew what I was going to face. I mean, Slayde was more or less the sane one, like me, so I could more or less know how was he like, but watching Grind gave me the idea of how was Abel going to be, except he was even worse. From the match itself I just remember two things: Abel ripping the cage wall and the ending. When I saw that behemoth lifting the cage wall and taking it out of his hinges, I was shocked, but then he turned around and saw the chance to take him out of the match, so I tackled the back of his knee. Then the other memory is Grind hitting the UltraKrusher on Slayde, the kick out and locking into the World Demise and getting the win. Post match is clearer, we hugged those fellas because they gave everything they had in three brutal matches with us, risking their lives in the process and you've got to respect that. Then God's Grace attack us, or so images say, as I'm out, and I only remember waking up on the infirmary in full Ryback mode, yelling I WANT SOME FUCKING FOOD!!!. People present said that was hilarious. I don't know, I just wanted to eat.

    Recently you faced Kayden James in what many people are saying is his retirement match. What were your thoughts going into it?

    Carlin: Let me tell you something. I didn't want to compete in that match. I was just focused on the bout with God's Grace, and James was out of my mind. I had him down in the last War Games show and no match had been announced, so why should I worry about a non-existing match? I was more aware that he could cost us the match, so I told Grind to have eyes on the back of his head, as he could attack us. But then he called me out, so I was there. You know normally I don't refuse to fight, but the smart thing was to focus on the most important match, and that was the EWNCW Blacklist Falls Count Anywhere match. But he gave me the reason to accept the challenge, that being he fought twice the same night. Well, I thought, you lost those two, I'm going to prove you I'm not afraid of you or fighting two matches on a PPV, and even more, I'm going to win both. I failed, but still won the big one, more than he did.

    Regarding then match itself, I have to admit that even though I hate the guts of James, he's a talented wrestler with tons of heart. I made one mistake, and one only, and that was taking too long to find the barb wire baseball bat and display it to the crowd. With the bat in hand I was 100% sure I had the thing won, but I didn't count on Kayden to recover so fast, so I paid for being overconfident. That being said, everybody should know that, in the end, I won the war despite losing the battle. He's out of business, and that was my intention from the beginning, that makes me the winner. I'm in, he's out. However, one can't be totally happy when a talented guy leaves the business, that takes something valuable from the show. But still, it is good as it makes other talent step up to fill the void.

    What can't be denied is that we gave a hell of a show to the audience, and that can't be taken from either James or me. But I'm happy he's gone, one win for freedom against theological tyranny.

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