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    Quote Originally Posted by Destruction View Post
    I'm going to be honest, Gillz and Phenix were never my favorite characters. But still a decent read, good job both of you
    Boom! Headshot! Gotta say i'm with Monsieur Destruction here.
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    now i want to be your guys' favourites
    i shall work harder than i have before to gain affection
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    Just catched up with all of them, and thanks for the shoutout guys. Plus, all of them have been sick so far so keep it up!

    I enjoyed CgBigMan's, good job mate, and again, cheers for the shoutout.

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    another good one WF, good to CG got his chance at ITT. good read.


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    thats the beauty of this show, it connects different minds together and lets you see how they operate



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    I find that one a nice interview!!! Let's see who's ICing this week!!!

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    Ok guys, time for the IC interview!

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    IC Inside the Tights Episode 7

    Ok guys, time for the next IC Inside the Tights. Without further adieu, this weeks guest, Greed!

    Greed, first thanks for joining me, now, I want to dive right in. For those who are unfamiliar with your career, can you give us a brief history of your time in pro wrestling?

    Greed: Simply my career in wrestling has been to impose Sin on the feeble minds of TWE, starting in the days back when it was Alpha Revolution.

    Those who do not know who The Seven Deadly Sins are obviously fools who think they're above Sin. They are people who refuse to see that the way they lead their is full of sin and don't acknowledge how better their lives would should they embrace that feeling and give in to what feels right but that will change sooner rather than later.

    My personal history is of no concern to you or anyone aside from my brethren in Sin, my professional history lies with the debut of the single greatest entity of individuals who united by Sin form The 7 Deadly Sins.

    We came to Alpha Revolution and within weeks established dominance by having all of our male members won championship gold and no competitor could overcome us. Then came the merger with TCW to form TWE and the arrival of Marik Sheehan, the man who has made it Sin would be set aside for his own pleasure but one thing remains perfectly clear; He has not been able to put a stop to Sin nor will he because those who try get a taste of what Sin is truly capable of. Those who were witness to the demise of Uri Novikov at my hands know exactly what I am talking about.

    You are apart of the group SIN. Who else is in your group and what is your history?

    Greed: Our group is not SIN. We are a union of Sins. 7 in total: Wrath, Pride, Greed, Sloth, Gluttony, Lust and Envy otherwise known as the 7 Deadly Sins. Our history? Simple, we were once weak, average people who upon realizing how we lived our lives. In anger, taking pride in one self, always looking for the next big thing and so on we gave in to that part of ourselves, I mean why deny it? To feel self righteous and become just another sheep among the flock? No.

    We became more. We accepted Sin to a level where we became embodiments of Sin. Our lives forever changed. We knew alone we were invincible but together we drive one another, each Sin completing the other in a way that made us unstoppable. We became extraordinary with powers that some consider to be malicious and cruel but in reality they set us free and gave us a greater sense of purpose. To live, breath and die by Sin. I know my life was forever changed when I gave in to Sin, and knowing there were others like me who also gave in to Sin was a revelation that Sin is the hope for humanity.

    People just feel they can be above it when really they are beneath Sin, they kiss the ground Sin walks without knowing it and every action they do in some way fuels one Sin or another ever increasing our power. With that power we shall rule TWE or for that matter rule at anything we do or anywhere we go and it is Sin that will be our driving force.

    What is your most memorable feud? What stands out about it to you?

    No one feuds with me. They get beaten, battered and humiliated by me. I excel at everything I do. Greed is in my nature, I'll never stop till I'm satisfied and until I hear my name being called as the winner, there is nothing I wont do to make sure my opponent is on the receiving of pain and misery.

    No one has stood out in my eyes. The only person that I have an eye out for is Van Darius, the reigning TWE World Champion. Why? Because he's as fake as any champion would be. Having the won the title without merit of beating the true

    Marik Sheehan somehow felt the need to strip us Sins our well earned championships without warning, knowing fully well that had he not done so, TWE would be under the thumb of The 7 Deadly Sins with me as the TWE World Champion.

    I hope Van Darius enjoys his "reign" because once we ensure that Marik Shhehan realizes the error of his ways for trying to prevent Sin from doing what it does best: Destroy; then I'll be sure to end Darius' career when I face him for my TWE World Championship.

    You bring up Uri Novikov. For those who aren't familiar, fill us in on what happened there?

    Greed: Why explain something so grand as sacrifice when when it can be relived? Here is the footage of what happened to Novikov

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    IC Inside the Tights Episode 7 Cont

    Greed: Enough of this!!! This is not what we, The Seven Deadly Sins came to TWE for. We came to dominate, to eviscerate and to abolish all doubt that Sin was not the ultimate power that could lead this pitiful humanity into a new way of life but you keep resisting change, like you have a choice, like you can defy that which is in your core, that which drives you to live life as you should......sinfully!!!!

    My needs, that too obtain all that I desire and more simply because I can have been repressed. My need to to be the one to bring TWE into glory by Sin has been put to a halt by the one man who believes Sin can be stopped and that's Marik. Marik, I'm getting sick of you standing in my way to becoming the TWE World Champion, like I should and rightfully am. However, that I'll be sure to fix that issue along with your involvement of stopping Sin very, very soon.

    I will get what I want because I am Greed, my will to have what is in my sights is strengthened by Sin to the degree where tonight you will see what exactly happens when the needs of Sin are not met.

    The needs of The Seven Deadly Sins are too strong to be dismissed yet somehow here in TWE they've been forgotten or pushed aside by fools who believed that would make us bend and break on our goals but that was their mistake. In fact, their mistake was ever doubting the power of Sin and right now, I call upon my brothers and sisters to join me in illustrating why Sin will never die and TWE needs it now more than ever.

    *Wrath leads Pride, Sloth, Gluttony, Lust and Envy as they head to the ring while the crowd looks on in fear as to what they are about to do before they surround the ring and begin chanting as their eye glow. Wrath's eyes burn crimson red, as Pride's eyes wear a deep shade of violet while Sloth's and Gluttony's eyes harbor a light of tone of blue and orange respectively before the sisters' eyes put on a display of bright colors with Lust's eyes portray a emerald green color and Envy's eyes finally show a burst of sapphire blue*

    Greed: Prepare to witness what a man, nay, a embodiment of Sin will do to make sure his message is understood, in a manner that no one dares defy its meaning and therefore its purpose. Tonight, Sin....*Greed's eyes turn yellow as he continues to speak*....becomes absolute with.....*yellow smoke pours out of Greed's mouth*......sacrifice!!!!

    *The crowd is in awe as Novikov's body begin to levitate and the chants from The Seven Deadly Sins become louder and more intense. Greed commences his own series of chants that force Novikov's body to twist and bend in an unnatural manner that force his bones to break as "The Russian Hammer" screams in pain but manages to say: Иди к черту (Go to hell) to which Greed smirks before responding to Novikov in his native tongue: с удовольствием (Gladly)*

    *The crowd tries to turn their attention towards something hell anything else but they cannot, they are bound by some kind of energy to witness the cruel act of The Seven Deadly Sins as Novikov continues to shriek in pain as his bones and now spine shatter and as Greed continues to chant, gasps and cries are heard from the audience as they see Novikov's flesh begin to blacken and sizzle as if they were on fire but no flames are visible. Novikov tries to stay strong but when his chest begins retracting and his ribcage starts to cave in, the horror of the events finally sets in and Novikov knows the worst is yet to come.*

    *Greed approaches Novikov continuing his chant and his brethren outside continue theirs causing Novikov's eye to roll on to the inside of his skull before Greed raises his hand prompting his brethren to cease chanting but their eyes still glow. Greed spreads his arms out and absorbs the energy emanating from the Sins in what is almost a beautiful sight, as colors unite and form a rainbow like trail of power that enters the body of Greed before he using his nails literally carves the word Sin into the chest of Novikov who is lifeless as he continues to levitate before Greed finally stops chanting and his eyes still glow ever bright cascading the variety of colors that his brethren have shared with him and with the blood of Novikov still fresh under his fingernails he picks the mic left in the ring earlier and looks to speak as the fans are plagued with fear for his next words and actions.*

    Greed: Now.....I will get to enjoy seeing you all squirm and revolt at the sight of what all you all thought was all the power that Sin has to offer but in reality this is nothing compared to what all our power combined can do and you should all beg that never happens for your sakes. Stop pretending, stop fighting and stop believing that Sin is not the way, you should not want to witness our next act of sacrifice but should your feeble minded attempts to resist Sin continue, things will be so much worse.

    For as stated so many, many times prior to this inevitable moment. Alone we your standard cruel, vicious and unbeatable but together, oh together we are actually saviors, liberators and invincible in showing the world why you should not reject Sin, why you not feel that you are above Sin, why it is that we are force of nature that does what needs to be done, no matter the cost through Sin because for every good there is alway an evil and Sin is as evil as it gets and trust when I say it feels so fucking good and you can never, ever get enough of it. I know that from experience, Sin flows endlessly through and still I crave more.

    So before you all try to believe that making this poor soul go through what he's been through at my hands was enough to satisfy that which is Sin.....let me just remind why I am the Sin known as Greed....

    *Greed chants once more as Novikov's reaches the ring floor kneeling and barely if at all breathing looks up at Greed and in a last act of defiance spits in the face of Greed and Greed simply smiles which leaves the crowd in attendance and those watching at home terrified of what he'll do next*

    Shane Cole: Our apologies, we are trying to get this off the screen as quickly as possible, but it seems the network is having issues taking us off the air.

    Jared Manning: This is sick! These men should be charged with murder! This is not a wrestling match, this is an execution!

    *Greed looks around and gets a nod of approval. He raises his arm high in the air, and the chants begin again. In one swift move, Greed drops his arm and Novikov drops through the ring. A bolt of bright yellow lightning strike the hole and flames through the flames. Greed only smiles as seems finally pleased... for now... The members of Sin leave as medics rush the ring*
    Greed: There you have it. An example. A tone for the standard of things that The Seven Deadly Sin will do to make sure they are never forgotten. We are a force unlike the world has ever seen and we will be damned if we let Marik or anything stand in our way.

    What would you say is in the future for yourself, and your group The Seven Deadly Sins?

    Greed: This is not my group, we are a group. If anyone of us is aptly fit to be called a leader among it is my brother Wrath. He is among us, one if not the most powerful Sin, which is why we trust in him and Sin altogether to accomplish our goals of ensuring Sin is accepted by one and all.

    My personal goals lie in recovering my precious TWE World Championship. It's my given right to be champion and I will be. One way or another.

    Now, i'm sure you don't think of anyone as a threat to Sin or to yourself, but who would you consider to be your biggest adversary in wrestling right now?

    Greed: Again, no one is an adversary to Sin. Therefore I see no point in your question, though I suppose I should indulge you.

    The only adversary in the way of Sin currently I would say is Marik, having not only stripped us all of our well earned championships but also suspending us from TWE in a futile attempt to try and come up with a way to stop Sin. He's an absolute lunatic if he believes he can. Sin is everlasting.

    They say diamonds are forever but the only things that lasts forever is Sin and we will not stop, we will not bend and we will not break for anyone. Long live Sin.

    Promo of the Week
    Raven/Sting promo from WWE fantasy

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    Great, great interview. Really enjoyed this one. Well done you both!

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