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    IC Inside The Tights Episode 6

    First off, The Devils Advocate, thank you for joining me. I'm going to get right into it.

    What inspired you into getting into wrestling?

    TDA: Growing up I was into Comics. I went to school and would often get in trouble for my Comic obsession, even going as far as knocking a guy out for taking my Comic away from me without even asking. As the years began to rack up I was now a guy in his late teens.. I still loved the fighting in the Comics.. I was also a huge Wrestling fan. So I put two and two together and began to take up some training lessons from my neighbor who was a retired Independent Wrestler.

    He took me under his wing, and taught me everything he knew. I would have to say Comics are what inspired me to get into Wrestling. My neighbor was the driving force that kept my inspiration in tact over all of these years. Now I am a very well established player in the efeds and it is very warming to know that I have come this far. It really paid off now that I sit here thinking back to where I had my start.

    What moment, looking back, do you wish you could change in your career so far?

    TDA: I have no regrets. I fully support all of my choices I have made in the past. I am enjoying my time with JBW and they rewarded me with a very decent break from the ring. During this time I tackled the opportunity to do some side-projects with Studio Jabe. So I will just have to thank them for giving me such exposure.

    Now, for those who don't know, you've never won the big one no matter what company were you in. Why do you think that is?

    TDA: That is a tough pill to swallow. I have busted my ass in the efeds since 2010, and I have never once held any kind of gold. I have teamed with people holding gold, and I have celebrated with people holding gold, but I have never really had my own special moment where I am being raised up on the shoulders of my peers while confetti falls from the ceiling.

    But despite never getting the 'big one' I feel that my career is equally great in its own right; I have seen people emerge and then leave within the blink of an eye. I am among those rare few that have been hanging on for years. At 41 I am stronger than ever and I will prove that I still have a few more good runs in me. I will rise back up! I WILL.. Take what is mine!

    What would you say is your biggest moment in wrestling so far?

    TDA: I have had numerous big moments in Wrestling, but I would have to go with my brief time as a General Manager. It was one of my biggest moments, and I really learned that power could get the best of you. I was standing tall while The Devil's Rejects were running wild on both brands over in JBW. I eventually realized that I belong in the ring so I resigned from my position to once again become a wrestler.

    Currently of the top other companies, there are EWNCW, IWA, and BITW. Have you thought about persuing a career in any of them?

    TDA: JBW will be my home... Always. But if it came down to it I would definitely narrow it down to EWNCW, IWA, and BITW. I enjoy working with different faces and if I still have the drive and passion to keep going then I will give my time and dedication to story-lines and colleagues to create some very amazing moments.

    If the fact of which company they work for didn't matter, who is someone you've always wanted the chance to step into the ring with? Why?

    My list is endless. I would want to work with everyone. I don't want to work with a few people then drop off.

    Is there anything else you'd like to share with your fans or any of the other wrestlers reading this?

    Keep your chin up and try your best to ignore the negativity. Embrace the positives and support anyone, foe or not. Friendly competition is great competition.

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