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    Inside the Tights 6

    Welcome back to another edition of Inside the Tights, the only OOC show in the efeds today. This week we get to go Inside the Tights of the man who created the only Demonic Cyborg in any efed, give it up for Southern Blood!

    Welcome to the show, as I'm sure you're familiar with the process, please enlighten the audience on some of your more prominent characters in the efeds.

    Oh its for sure good to be here thanks for that brother. Well I aint got much so don't expect the grand lists so like some others...

    First and foremost is the monster from beneath,The Demon Cyborg Ano Doom...My real start and break came with him...Technically...Seveal years back,about five...I got my first start in efedding in a fed called WAC...The Character was that of a "Faceless" nameless,mystery man,named "Nooneneedstoknow"...The man's motive was simple...Literally no one needed to know his name...He was a vicious monster...Ano Doom evolved from that when I gave him a name and backstory...HWA was where I really I tweaked him out into the supernatural freak his is today...Essentially Ano Doom is me at the core,Like I told Tommy yesterday mattter of fact...All the true greats in this thing have said "be yourself,turnt way up"...that's truly best. I'm angry like him,im hungry,Im twisted at times and just cant wait to let loose and anything and everything...He represents all my interests as well,and its that reason I'm able to naturally channel everything into him...Hes growing nicely and I couldn't be happier.

    Then there's the lesser well known pair of my 2nd characters around here...Amadeus and Elfreida Frewin...They never really went far at all...Hell he never did make it to the EWA regular shows I don't think...Thats the only place they were in...I figured it would be worth a try...Amadeus Frewin is another ...Dark and brooding type...Also my full true self...But he is a more realistic down to earth version of me...His personality is mine 100 percent...Not one to be bothered. He is a former multiple time felon for loads of shit,almost a modern day Scarface,Came up illegally now theres no looking back...It was actually honestly really tough to write for him at times because of the woman mouthpiece was something I was unused to,But it grew easier in the little bit of time...Heck he was my first ever "Normal" character. Cold,Cunning,silent,Expert fighter...Just noone to cross.

    Doom has grown pretty popular over the last few weeks here, any thought on that?
    Yes,I've actually humbly noticed that myself as of late...It seems everyone wants a piece of him...All want a few words with him it seems....It makes me greatly happy, couldn't be more actually...I've certainly done my best to get the name of The Demon Cyborg out there as much as possible now,And its the one of the biggest things to make sure of around here ,If nobody knows your name,Nobody knows your face then you aint going any wheres ..And I cant have that cuz I'm sorry all my time here would be wasted in vain if that happened...This being the 2nd Dawn Of The Deity,...So to speak...I'm going all out this time to do everything I can for Doom to rise up and take off in spectacular fashion...I mean aint we all here to go places? Ano Doom is def going places...You and I have had quite a few words particularly,always been a pleasure as well. Yea;I love how Doom seems to be rising in ppl's eyes,if you could call it that.

    How are you able to to keep promos in good quality without reusing to much material?

    "keep in good quality" ? Why thanks I cant help but appreciate that....Yes Not reusing stuff is a big premise when you have someone whose mind is driven by one thing and one only,which everyone knows the ONLY reason Doom walks the earth is to beat the damn shit out of everyone around him,at all costs...Synonyms and different views on things with different wrestlers certainly help....For example....I may talk to Ronaldo different than Seraphrem,and Seraphrem different than Big Thunder there as well...Doom has a very extensive vocabulary and mindset for a "Dead Wrecking Machine" ,and it always helps to be able to delve into that whenever needed...I've said it before...He is not a monster without a mouth...he speaks very eloquently and it comes in handy non-stop. Switching up your views on things depending who you speak to is essential.

    So what happened to the Dream match Doom was supposed to have at the PPV formerly known as Kingdom Come?
    I'll be 110 honest on ya WF....Torphy quit,Due to the waiting periods of time over that ppv....So that match is out,Now we have Doom V Azrael....which is Something Ol Drunk Boy has been salivating over for a long time so I'm happy to give it to him,as he said "Its the Angel Of Death Against The Man That CAN NOT DIE!" ...How can you not love that formula? These two are gonna wreck the house come Blood Harvest,Not so much maybe as Doom and Erebus,but In a different fashion...I put Azrael though in somewhat of a similar class with the two of them though so it should still be outstanding...And it's still a dream match to Jose so its very swell to me...Would I have rather had Doom and Erebus? Maybe,but Nah this is what Jose wants so This is def great to me if he likes...And Jose...I mean Drunk boy in the nicest way possible

    Any thoughts on the new JBW vs the old one since a majority of the users are split on this manner?

    Yea I don't know about that one....I came into JBW right before the end of my first run here almost a year ago....I did't do much but break in the door one night "Horrorcore was NOT allowed in",Elbowing Zap Alderamn in the side of the head,dismantling security and ripping the door right off the building,then left immediately after writing that out,so in short,was fired. So I haven't really seen a whole whole lot of JBW in the past so I cant say much,I just wish these guys would have kept it together cuz its a real shame things went down like that....But in situations like this what can you do but say "Hey,alright then,Lets go at it that way brothers." But I'm not jumping up,taking my Cyborg and leaving,thats for sure....A shame Kash and RobKo are gone cuz I was pretty alright with them dudes...Especially Rob,were supposed to do some big work last year that never happened,But I'll see em in BITW so its all swell...

    Ever think of creating a new tag team with me?

    Yes,Briefly,very briefly once or twice it crossed through my head..."Mayhem and Doom" certainly sounds like the team name could be something chaos orientated...Speed and agility,highflying...With the Intensity,agility speed and monstrous might be interesting to see the two of them together...Hawk and Doom...Certainly unique...But the only thing is ...I'm not sure Doom really has it in him to coexist with anyone at all really but his only option is crush everyone ,period...So as far as getting along with someone,I dont think its possible lol.

    With all the talk of feds coming and going the last few months, do you think the current ones will stand the test of time?

    As far as BITW goes....Yes,Rob and Kash struck out on there own and I know how fully committed they are to it...So that will without a doubt last...It's got its own features and ways of doing things so It will see much longevity and gain plenty ground I think...and I just noticed you said "Current" and not new feds...So I think EWNCW is not going anywheres at all,ever...JBW As long as things get off the ground soon enough I cant see that place stopping no time soon.

    What's at the top of your to do list as far as efedding goes?

    The top of my list is becoming the next big,greatest thing around here...its been made no secret I plan on and want to go through everyone to reach my goal,and that is something my heart is certainly set on without a doubt...I certainly want Ano Doom to continue gaining ground inside the ring as well to establish himself as what he says he is...maybe then I want have to continue practically going off on ppl to get my point across IC but its always fun and I love when I'm challenged with "Who are you and what have you done?" or "I aint see no talent out of you"...Always got answers there...Yes seeing The Demon Cyborg reach his goals and climb the ladder is just what I want to do.

    Anything you want our readers to look out for in the future?

    I think everyone needs to look out for Ano Doom in EWNCW,first and foremost...I feel he fits in best there...And there plenty of marquee names he will fit up against spectacularly...with the way they book things, possibilities are endless storyline wise...The guys I could feud with will mesh with him perfectly,and its only a matter of time until what's up my sleeve is shown...Def watch out for BITW ,even though its not my doing...Those two guys Kash and Rob are up to something big time there...Look for JBW Blood Harvest too...Azrael V Doom is gonna be a home-writer-abouter.

    Theme of the Week: Kayden James



    Mike Hawk
    EWNCW World Champion (11-12-13 to 5/1/14) Vacated
    Current IWA World Champion (12-15-13 to Present)
    IWA Blackout Champion (3-24-13 to 4-27-14)
    Former JBW Television Champion (12-2-12 to 8-2-13)
    Former ICW Tag Team champion
    1st and last EWA Carnage World champion

    Mixed Emotions (Pride and Sorrow)
    Current EWNCW World Tag Team Champions (4-19-13 to 4-26-14)
    Last EWNCW Grand, Hardcore and International Tag Champions

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