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    Inside The Tights

    Welcome to the first ever episode of Inside the Tights. Basically this will be a weekly show taking a look inside one of many of the minds in the efeds each and every week. The idea came from POV in the EWA but this will not be IC. Any suggestions, requests for questions and what not feel free to ask away. Now before I begin I know most of you know me for Blog Wars, but I have had little time to keep it up, some users aren't getting their lists in or doing them, I am overwhelmed and I have done a huge varity of topics on the show that there isn't much left to cover so I am offically ending it . I will plan one last big match to send it off with a bang though so anyone interested PM me.

    Now on the debut show I will start off with a guy who has made a big impact in the last few months both as a character and as a user. Let's go Inside the Tights with bearkg88!!!

    So bear, for those unfamiliar with your work, can you name us some of your more prominent characters in the feds?

    I would say the two most prominent would be my time in the WWE Fantasy fed as CM Punk, and in other efeds as Chris Divine.

    Who is your favorite character to write for and why?

    My favorite would have to be Chris Divine. Whether it be as a heel or face, he is the guy I am most comfortable writing for. He is the easiest in terms that I can just sit down for 20 minutes, be myself, and a good quality promo comes out.

    Where did the inspiration for Chris Divine come from?

    It came from a number of places. Namely promo's from The Rock and Shawn Michaels.

    What made you want to start your own fed instead of trying to find work on one of the existing ones?

    Honestly originally when I started ICW, it was because I didn't think any of the other efeds needed/wanted help. The only efeds I was familiar with at the time were HWA and the WWE efed, and the thought of going into an already established efed like EWNCW or EWA and using my ideas made me uneasy because I wasn't sure how people would take them. I figured by going on my own, then if things failed, I had no one else to blame but myself.

    Who are your favorite 5 characters in efedding currently?

    Hmm, top 5 characters in efedding right now. Well the top of that last is Kyojin. I know when he first came to ICW, and started off as a heel and then turned into a face, his promos became some of the best material I've read in a long time. My second would have to be Mr Smyth. This is a guy who has never been involved in efeds before to my knowledge so to see his growth from a guy who has never been involved in efeds, to being a stand out character has been awesome. Third on my list would have to be Chris Jericho. I feel like he is portrayed correctly, and Tommy is doing a dynamite job as him as a champ. Fourth on my list would be Jackson Smith. This is another guy who I've really been enjoying his work as of late. The fifth and final current fav of mine would have to be AJ Dixon. Seeing his work in HWA, I'm glad to have him in IWA.

    Currently Divine is in more than one efed, do you do anything differently when writing for him in each fed?

    Actually Divine is in only one efed, EWNCW, and I'm anxiously awaiting his debut. From in the past though having him in multiple efeds, I stayed pretty much the same. After first in EWNCW I went for a cult leader/bray wyatt type of gimmick, and it was just not clicking, so I figure if something is working, why try to change it?

    What has been your favorite match to be apart of?

    The one I RPed for would have to be the Hell In A Cell with Antonyo Angelo. The build up, along with the epic promo with Johnny Hot right before it was something to this day I am still super proud of. As for one I wrote, I have to go with the Artemis Eclipse vs Van Hooligan X 3 stages of hell match. It was by far my best match, and the crown jewel so far of what I can do. Keep an eye out though...because that could change soon

    If you could feud with anyone who would it be and why?

    Honestly it would have to be either Tommy Thunder vs Chris Divine or Chris Divine vs Jman or Chris Divine vs Kyojin. Each of the users, TT, Jman, and Eddie are all great when it comes to writing promos, and I feel like feuding with any of those three, would result in a feud that would leave an impact not just in whatever efed it occurs in, but also EWN.

    Anything you want these guys to look out for in the near future?

    Yeah. The plans in IWA are epic, and we have alot of things planned from now, to our Wrestlemania type PPV in January, Destined for Immortality, along with some new twists and turns. On top of that, keep an eye out for the EWN Fantasy League that will be opening in just a few days!

    Theme of the Week: JMan

    That's it for this week. I hope you all enjoy it and stay tuned for next week.



    Mike Hawk
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    Former ICW Tag Team champion
    1st and last EWA Carnage World champion

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