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    Thoughts on this?

    Ive just seen this video at school the other day. I know there are mixed reactions on this but how do you guys feel about the bus driver and the woman?

    People die, but legends live forever.

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    Assuming the girl started it and is yelling at the guy without much of a reason, the driver is my hero. If society in general were like this, maybe our culture and mannerisms wouldn't be so outrageously fucked like they are now. Our society rewards people who can get a rise out of(or troll) others into doing this kind of thing, rather than reprimand the ones who disrespect others to begin with. Our society rewards people who bitch and complain enough just so they'll shut up rather than admit what is usually their fault to begin with. Our society just plain rewards people for stupidity, ignorance and disrespect... and then people have the balls to wonder how we got this way.


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