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    The Debates Presidential and VP

    I guess this is mostly for those who lives here in the USA..... but this can be open for anyone who have watched....

    What are your thoughts of the 1st 3 debates???? Who won, are you able to vote or old enough to vote???? Have you made your mind up yet and who are you voting for or siding for????
    Like many said Romney did seem to win the 1st debate.... but only cause he seem to bully the moderator.... But made and created controversial when he stated he will cut funding to PBS and shows like Sesame Street....

    The VP debate..... Seem as if it was a toss up, but I give it to Biden myself laughing in Paul Ryan on just about ever false-hood he said..... Biden pretty much schooled the boy in politics and the debate....

    Tonights 2nd Presidential debate..... Pretty much think Obama was playing his chess and saying check-mate all night.... He pretty much called out the lies of Romney or caught them and used them to his use....
    We all judge others even if it isn't our place to judge, but supposedly at the end we are all judged by one!!!
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    I didn't watch the third debate, because I'm already a decided voter (aka. I forgot it was on).. I thought the first debate was close I gave a slight edge to obama actually... he was a much better debater on that night, though he got owned as far as sounding good... biden was the class of the second debate.

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    1st Debate: Romney all the way. Obama acted like he just didn't want to be there kind of

    2nd Debate: Close but I went with Biden. I personally think his attitude was unprofessional with interrupting Ryan and laughing in his face. I understand the dynamic of a heated debate but it was too much in my opinion. It almost came off as arrogant and may put off some undecided voters

    3rd. Close again but I think a slight edge went to Obama. He was much more aggressive this time and it made for a much more lively debate. Don't get me wrong, Romney is a champion debater and held his ground but Obama got the W.

    I'm already a decided voter though so these debates are useless to me. Romney's plan for America just makes more sense in that it won't DOUBLE the deficit like Obama's has. #RomneyForPresident


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